Tuesday, 11 June 2013

3rd Doctor

Jon Pertwee... what a name! Anyway he was our 3rd Doctor, and in colour so full colour today :D he wore a teacher-ish kind of jacket, black with red trim, so that it how I have done my eyes, nothing fancy but then, understated is the Drs middle name eh ;)
Simply get hold of a red eyeliner (Barry M does one, or I made my own liquid liner, that how to is at the bottom of the page) and a black eyeshadow.

Cover your lid in the black eyeshadow and using a fine brush draw the shadow out slightly around the inner corner of the eye and slightly under the lower lashline. Line the gap on the lower lashline with red and around the edge of the black shadow with red liner.
The liquid liner recipie!
Squeeze out a baby wipe into a small lid, add a drop of facewash and a teaspoon(ish) of still water. Mix it all together. Load a brush with this water and swirl it in the eyeshadow you want to make a liner and voila! Haha :) Using a think brush, like a nail art brush works best for good clean lines!

Monday, 10 June 2013

2nd Doctor... bloody tartan...

Right tartan... not the nicest of materials to try and recreate as makeup, might have a good practice before I reattempt it ever. OK, so onwards to the second doctor on our journey through space and timelords!
Doctor number 2
Patrick Troughton
OK, fetch yourself: a dark brown eyeliner (I used one by sleek, "molasses" I will vlog about why you must not buy this product later), a cream coloured eyeliner, gold glitter eyeliner, mid brown matte eyeshadow, dark brown eyeshadow (doesn't matter if this is matte, but it looks better if you keep them both matte), your favorite mascara and a matte brown/nude lipstick.

This Dr Who also was in black and white, hence the picture being in greyscale, I'm not trying to be artsy-fartsy honest! OK, here's how you do this;
First off apply the mid brown eyeshadow all over your eyelid, not past the socket, then in the crease apply the dark brown and blend that up! Next you want to line under your lower lashline with the brown eyeliner. To do the tartan get hold of your creamy eyeliner and draw 3-5 vertical lines above and below the lashlines and do the same with vertical lines intersecting the horizontal lines. Go over a few lines or areas with the gold glitter liner to make them pop. Now apply your mascara as you do. Apply your lipstick and voila!
Yeah, I will practice my tartan and when I am satisfied I will do a tutorial on a look using tartan, until then I apologise for the terrible tartan I have offred you today :/
Lots of love my darlings!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

I am back my darlings!

After a long absence that has seen all kinds of crazy happen to me :) I'm kicking off my return with a few Dr Who looks, spliced with some date styles and a few hints and tips pages while I am at it! There are som many sorrys I want to say to you but I have not enough space, so without further ado I will crack on with
William Hartnell
 Figured I'd go authentic, and put this out in black and white, it doesn't change the eyeshadow colour at all becauuse I used black and white eyeshadow anyway :)
Righto, this is what you're going to want to grab, a white shadow, a silver eyeshadow, a grey eyeshadow and a black eyeshadow, a black eyeliner and your best loved mascara. It doesn't matter about pearlescent  shades, or if they're matte, I used shimmer, so depends how much like mine you want this to be.

First things first, coat your lid in the grey eyeshadow and just above the socket, blend this out with a blending brush if you have one or your fingers, smudging it so it fades. then grab your silver and sweep that in your crease and the inner corner to about halfway into your lid. Then take the black, and outline the edges of the grey eyeshadow, in a thin line, and a thrid of the way into the crease of your eye, blend it in well. Sweep a small amount of white on the inner corner of your eye. Now line, trail a line of black about half way over your upper lash line, and fill it so it's a cat eye flick.
An optional extra is make the black liner glittery! GLITTER WOOOO!!

So yeah... there you have it, in colour, the first doctor :D