Monday, 25 June 2012


GUYS! BRAIN WAVE! OK, I know I am a make up look blog, but what's the use of me just telling you what products to use if a) they are unavailable where you are and b) you've never tried them and don't know if you should spend money on a brand you haven't yet tried? So I bring to you.... PRODUCT REVIEWS!
I will be testing different products and giving you my verdict, I love all make up and will try anything, I have no allergies to anything (except peanuts but I doubt they'll be in make up lol) so I'm happy to splodge any type of make up on my mush.
I'm going to do my reviews one day every week, giving my face a break and some much needed TLC. Oh! I'm also thinking of adding in face care guides, because make up does require us to take care of our faces more so than those who do not wear make up, and I am proud to say *touch wood* I have never had a problem with my skin on my face because I take exquisite care of my skin :D (not bragging at all haha) so, comments on that potential addition? What do we think? Yes or no?
Anyway, this week will be devoid of posts because I am not at home, I'm going to be in Leicester, checking out where I am going to live starting September because I am going to Demontfort uni to become a nurse! My boyfriend is currently there doing maths at Leicester uni so he has buisness there too and I'm staying with him and as we may have noticed, his presence signals a gradual decline in posts. But fear not! It's only until friday, then things will get back to normal plus reviews annd maybe the TLC posts if you like the sound of them that is :)
Toodles my loves

Friday, 22 June 2012

Draconian Style

Now here is a word to buff up your vocabulary: Draconian "to be unusually harsh or severe" from the word Draco, the name of a man who thought up some pretty strict rules. He was Athenian (A place in Ancient Greece) and even petty crimes had serious punishment. I'm not just a pretty face you see!
Anyway, I use that word today because I am doing a look for Draco Malfoy (notice... :D) who is a cruel character in Harry Potter with a disdain for others and a harsh view on those he considers beneath himself.
I've not copied his face like I did for Bellatrix, instead I've taken his personality, harsh, wealthy and cold and tried to bring that out in the make-up...
Sharp lines and cool colours are what define this look (disdainful look not included)
Here is what we used:
Translucent face powder (I used my trusty Collection 2000 loose powder), pale green shimmery eyeshadow (I used Gr 4 from the 120 palette I use), Grey eyeliner (Mine is Barry M's kohl pencil in #26), skin coloured lipstick (I used Collection 2000 cream puff in powder puff 2), medium thickness false lashes (mine were a £1 pair from primark) and glitter eyeliner (I used my Collection 2000 gel liner in hustle #4).

Now, get a large powder brush and swirl plenty of powder onto your face. Then draw a line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner getting gradually thicker as it goes along in grey liner and give it a long pointed flick at the end. Line the flick up with the corner of your eyebrow. Then apply your false lashes as close to your lashes as possible but never on your lashes. Then with an eyeliner brush apply green eyeshadow to your lower lash line and then use glitter liner in the crease of your eyelid and follow the flick of your grey liner. Then apply your lipstick and enjoy some wrong doings!
Sparkle sparkle :D

Now all you gotta do is get in favour with the baddy and ruin the good guys day :D
Have fun plotting dastardly plots my loves

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


no post last night, Grandad stole the internet -_-'''
OH WELL you have a post tonight, and it is Bellatrix Lestrange!
That was what I used as reference. She's crazy, so she's meant to be mucky, disorganised and somewhat upside down.
By the way, my hair is this way naturally, I wouldn't know where to start if you wanted to match the hair sorry :P
This is one of my crazy faces :P
Right here is what I used: Translucent face powder (Mine is collection 2000's loose powder), Brown eyeliner (Barry M #2), pinky-brown lipstick (Avons lipstick in iced coffee), purple-bronze eyeshadow (I used Br10 from the 120 palette), and matte pale brown lipstick (I use Collection 2000 creampuff in Angel Delight), lengthening mascara )I use maybellines great lash in blackest back)
And here is how to:

Powder your face with the translucent powder to even out the skin tone, use pleanty and use a big powder brush to apply it in big spirals around the face. Then use an eyeshadow brush and apply eyeshadow to your lids and blend above the crease and sweep some below the eye to make it look like you have shadows under your eyes. then thinly line your upper lash line with a little brown eyeliner and apply one coat of mascara to your lashes, making sure they are seperate.

Then lightly line your lips with the brown eyeliner and smudge it with a brush or your fingers till it's just noticable. Then fill in your lips with the lipstick and add some more definition into it by dotting a little brown liner on the insides of the lips. Then dab little bits of the matte lipstick on the outside corners of your lips and blend it in.
Tada :D Now you just need to pull a crazy face and you're a real Lestrange

:D Lotsa crazy.
Buhbye xxx

Sunday, 17 June 2012


I am really sorry for not updating regularly... I would have thought, being off now and all, that I would be able and free to update every night like I want to. Only things come up don't they...
Last night my boyfriend stole me away from you again, and tonight I am emergency babysitting, as such I am unable to updae tonight because I have no camera to take photos nor do I have all my make up here to create a look. I will however strive to bring you a look tomorrow. I'm thinking Bellatrix Le Strange? Anyway, I will update tomorrow brownie promise (I didn't go to Brownies...  but it's the intention that counts!)
After Bellatrix, I', going to do Draco, then Voldemort, then I will do Ravenclaw and their group, then Gryfindor. After this, the next big project is going to be my Disney Princesses.... Oh how I look forward to that!!!!!

Friday, 15 June 2012


A few months ago, sat chattering as I do to my good buddies, we got onto the topic of which house we belonged in at Hogwarts, 2 of my friends, Shivani and Carrick who have modeled on here before, are without a shadow of doubt Hufflepuff as they are fluffy and soft, Edward and Jayne were classed as Ravenclaw because they are intellectual and disapprove of mine and my boyfriends shenanigans (nothing dirty mind you and secret tuttings are not so secret when they are out loud guys!). I was a Gryfindor... hands down apparently because I am "Balshy" and ironically enough my boyfriend is Slytherin because he is a sneaky, ruthless individual, driven to achieve power... Ha... Opposites attract!
Anyway, moving on :)
Righty this is what you need my lovelies:
A grass green eyeshadow (I used Gr10 from the manly palette), a sliver eyeshadow (I used Si2 from the same palette as the green), snazaroo glitter gel in "multi, a pale green eyeliner (I used Barry M #20), a dark green eyeliner (I used superdrugs own "2true" in #4), a silver eyeliner or body crayon (I used the glittery silver one from the Claires Dark collection of body crayons) and eyelures false eyelashes "Sarah" from the girls aloud party lashes collection.
It's a proud look, one to use if you want something to give your face a distict powerful look.
This is how it goes down!
Use the pale green eyeliner to shape where you're going to put the green eyeshadow, draw a dot outside the outer edge of your upper eyelid, make it sit halfway up parallel to the lid then draw lines to that point from the crease and lower lash line to meet the dot. Cover your upper lid in the sliver eyeshadow and follow the eyeliner guide with green eyeshadow to create a dark green outline to the silver. Line your lower lashline with the dark green eyeliner and spot under neath the lower lashline with the glitter gel. Apply the false lashes, now following the instructions is useful in this situation, it saves me time explaining how to apply falsies :) Don't worry if they do not it exactly fit exactly straight perfectly above your lashes, because no one really notices when you have fab fluttering silver lashes, and if perfection is your goal, recite this mantra "Practise makes perfect".
Now just colour your lips in with the silver liner or glitter crayon.

Simple pimple :D
Have fun dominating your subordinates with this look!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Cedric Dig-it-ory

Oki, didn't post last night but I have a totally valid reason for it... my boyfriend is home from uni ^_^ so I went to go see him and unexpectedly spent the night... I would have updated had I actually gone home as was my intention but he does this puppy eye thing... and he has big blue eyes... and... well I have no guilt over it ok!
I got today and tomorrows look done already so don't worry about me not updating ok :D
Anyway, this look is a clean simple look. I jazzed up my eyebrows for a manly hint because... Cedric is a boy... xD
There are sparkles too of course :)
Anyway, you'll want to grab yourself some of the following if you're going to battle Voldemort and won this tine!
Gold glitter gel liner (I use collection 2000 gel glitter liner in funk3), coppery eyeliner (I used Barry M's in #29), yellow and dark gol eyeshadows (I used Y5 and G8 from the "Manly" 120 palette I coded for), a nude matte lipstick (I used collection 2000 cream puff in angel delight), some clear mascara (I use collection 2000) and a deep back mascara (I use maybeline blackest black).
Firstly, just do whatever you usually do to your face in terms of applying foundation or whatever to even out your skintone and DON'T APPLY BLUSHER!
Now use the gold eyeshadow first, just on your eyelid, then blend the yellow over that (Hufflepuff yellow with a bit of depth) then line your upper lashline with the coppery eyeliner with a medium thickness line and go over that with the gold glittery liner. Now just one coat of the black mascara and sweep on to your lips the matte lipstick. To jazz up the brows, get the clear mascara and wiggle the brush up thorugh your brows to lift the hairs to point upwards to add a touch of masculinity to the look, this is optional, I thought it made it more authentic considering the character.

Tada :)

Saturday, 9 June 2012


I AM SO SPARKLY ITS JUST SO WONDERFUL!*breathes into paper bag*
Tonight I'm Nymphadora Tonks:
Ok... the inspiration here is the part where she turns her hair pink... I'm justifying the glitter with its light and colour changing properties?... no? Well... DEAL WITH IT I LIKE GLITTER...
Well, whether you agree this is Tonksy or not it's fun, to get the look you'll need the following:
Shimmering face cream (I use eyeko cream... no idea how long I have had it but it is amazing... try and find it ^_^), pink eyeshadow (P2 in the 120 palette), purple eyeshadow(Pu9) and magenta eyeshadow(P1), pink irridescent lipstick (I use NYC 405 blue rose), glitter gel (i use a snazaroo one it's "multi"), purple mascara (I used urban decay big fatty mascara in purple haze), silvery glitter eyeliner (I use collection 200 in hustle) and a shimmery body puff (I use urban decays cherry bomb... you can lick this powder, it is edible! It tastes of Cherryade!)

Anyway here we go this is how we do it:
Get a foundation brush and get a good glob of the shimmery face cream and cover you whole face in a sheen of the cream, not too thick, but so you are obviously shimmery. Then cover your lid in your magenta eyeshadow and in the inner corner blend in the pink eyeshadow to half way into your lid. Use an eyeliner brush to line your lower lid with purple eyeshadow then coat your lashes in purple mascara and then with a layer of the glitter liner.
Grab a lip brush and carefully fill your lips with the pink lipstick and then dip the handle of a large brush in the glitter gel and tap that under your eyes to create glittery freckles. Now finish off your face with a dusting of the shimmery powder.
Done :D
Sparkles make me happy :D
This is George ^_^ he is my witches cat... who thinks he is a dog :P I love hime^_^

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Huflepuff peeps: Helga Hufflepuff

A wholesome looking entry tonight and a brief one I am tired, this is the second time I have written this tonight because of the stupid internet -_-'
Here's the inspiration for the look, I searched far and wide for images I could get a sweet simplistic look from because I know Hufflepuffs are not bolshy or extragvegant in anyway. So here's what I found:
I know she isn't technically a blonde, she's a ruddy browny colour but that's not my concern, my concern is the make up. Appley cheeks and twinkly eyes, an English country girl through and through.
Anyway, this look is easy peasy you're going to need:
a powder foundation (i use bourjois powder eclat minerals), a translucent face powder (i use collection 200 sheer loose powder), a dull gold eyeshadow (G9 from my 120 palette), a brown eyeliner pencil (I uused Barry M's in #2), a peachy blusher (one from a random palette I had around), a pinky lipstick (I prefer a matte one for this look, it's more natural looking, I use collection 2000 creampuff in cotton candy1) and a volumising mascara (mine is bourjois volumising mascara).
Ok, do your face first, give it a quick wipe with a face wipe or baby wipe and moisturise as powder can be drying to the skin, and just wait for the moisturiser to absorb into the skin, if you have oily skin, don't bother to moisturise just wipe your skin with a damp cloth no soaps or anything as they'll irritate the skin.
Now once that's done and moisturiser is absorbed/ skin cleaned, use a kabuki brush or large powder brush to sweep on the powder foundation from the nose outwards making sure you get those areas you tend to be a bit shiney in. Do the same with the translucent powder, it just sets the foundation powder and erradicates any extra uncaught shine and evens out the skin tone a little more.
With a smaller brush or an angled blusher brush apply your blusher make the biggest smile you can showing all your teeth and where your cheeks jutt out apply blusher starting there and sweeping back then relax your face and lightly bend it down across your cheek to create a peachy glow.
Now your eyes. Sweep on the gold eyeshadow with a brush or applicator sponge lightly, don't over do the colour, then justt apply a thin line of brown eyeliner on your upper lash line.
Then apply one coat of mascara to your top and bottom lashes from root to tip (it helps if you look right up and open your eyes super wide when doing your upper lashes if you want an even root to tip cover).
Now lips take some lipstick or creampuff on your pinger tip and lightly blend over your lips building a slight colour on the lips. This looks nicer and more subtle (and therefore more natural) colour on your lips.
Tada pretty as a picture :)
There won't be a post tomorrow night I'm getting my eyebrows and upper lip waxed, I can't wear make up for 24 hours afterwards to avoid conjested skin, I apologise xxxx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Everyday I'm Huffelin'

Teehee... Okay, I'm sorry but I have a whole heap of holidays stretching before me a little madness will be good for me :)
So here I am on my first installment of my Harry Potter themed frivolity :D
I'm doing each of the house colours and 3 of it's members/ associated characters.
For Hufflepuff I'm doing Tonks, Helga Hufflepuff and Cedric Diggory (because I fear the fran girls... I FEAR THEIR SQUEALING WRATH)
Yellow and black :D
Nice simple look use: Yellow eyeliner (I used sleek eu la la liner in canary), Black eyeliner (Barry M's kohl liner #1), Yellow eyeshadow (Y 2 on the palette), and a black eyeshadow (Bl 1)
First extend the oval of your eyelid slightly upwards and fill in the space and your eyelid with the yellow eyeliner and line your lower lashline. line the edge of your yellow eyelid with black eyeliner.
With an eyeshadow brush tap yellow eyeshadow onto your eyeliner to fix it and stop it creasing, it also intensifies the colour. With an angled eyeliner brush blend out the black eyeliner, and with a clean eyeshadow brush apply some black eyeshadow along where the black eyeliner was and blend it outwards. Don't let it smudge into the yellow! If it does just slick yellow eyeliner over it.
That's the eyes done:
I did lips to match :D I did two types of lips, one a blend out and the other a two tone I like the two tone better but I'll let you decide which you prefer:

They both use the Claires body crayons in yellow and black from the rainbow and the classic colours packs.
The first one, start by drawing a half circle on your top lip and press your lips together to get an imprint of the half circle on the lower lip. Surround that black paint with yellow and use a lip brush to blend black into yellow, add more colour as you go to keep both colours even and intense.
For the second, colour your top lip in yellow and the bottom in black... simples :D
Coat your lips in lipcote afterwards to keep them looking the way you want them to :D

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Going polka dotty

Oki :D this look involves a whole heck load of eyeliner but it's fab and fun and retro to boot!
'Bout time I did something a bit more oomphy I've been doing alot of everyday looks, so for a while we are getting back out there and doing some funky looks for the blog ya :D
You're going to need: a black eyeliner pencil (I use Barry M's #1), a red eyeliner pencil (Barry M's #25), an orange eyeliner pencil (Barry M's #24), a yellow eyeliner (sleek eu la la liner in canary), a green one (Barry M in #20), a turquoise one (Barry M #13), a blue one (Barry M #6), a purple one (Barry M #18), a pink one (Barry M #23), a copper one (Barry M #29) a grey one (Barry M #26) and a silver one (Barry M #11)
Told you it was lots of eyeliner!
So the how to is super super easy... Isn't that always the case with looks using tonnes of product?
Pair up the colours to ones that clash with them, I put pink with green, copper with grey, black and silver, turquoise with orange, purple with yellow and red with blue.
Now, you can work out from the picture what I did, with one colour from each pair I drew circles of various sizes on each eyelid up to the brow, then with the other colour from each pair, filled in the circles I'd drawn. Then with 3 random colours from the bunch of eyeliners I used I dotted random dots here and there around the larger dots... How simple is that?
It looks a bit retro space themed :)
The shape of the eyelid does make drawing circles hard, try and hold the eyelid taught as you draw and don't worry about making them perfect circles :)

The circles don't even have to be whole, you could make it look like half or part of the circle is hidden behind something like your brow or your lash line :)
Have fun with it, make it pretty, and if you want send me pictures I want you to interact :D makes this hobby that bit more amazing :D
Love y'all
For the next week or so, I'm doing Harry Potter themed looks... YAY :D

Monday, 4 June 2012

It's in my Gene (Simmons)

A REQUEST! Sandra Zasada asked me to do something based on KISS that glam rock band with the bad hair :D
So I did something in the vein of their front man Gene Simmons...
This is a late post I do apologise I've just had a super busy couple of days what with finishing college and all that :)
But onwards now:
This was a slightly more difficult one to plan out and the amount of baby wipes and tantrums and EYELINER I went through are unbelieveable!

Heeere's one eye done :P
You're gonna want a pencil eyeliner in black, liquid eyeliner in black and white eyeliner. I used Barry M for my black pencil liner #1, gallery colurs eyeliner in white and benefit magik ink liquid liner.
Here's how we did this:
Using the black kohl pencil start at the tear duct in the inner corner of the eye on the lower lid and draw a line about 1 cm long... which is abut the length of your nail on your index finger :) then draw and arc reaching across to halfway along the lower lash line, then draw another spanning the last half, extend the back end part out a little then draw a straight line from the point to your outer corner then draw a slightly curved line upwards from the point and draw 3 cruved zig zags on your eyelid like tall thin waves along half your eyelid, then in that remaining half, draw an elongagted u shape until you're above the tear duct again an draw a staright line down to meet the one you drew for the lower lash line :).

Now that you have your outline, go over it in the black liquid liner and fill it all in with the black liquid liner. Theen on the outside of the black liner, shade some white on and blend it outwards with your fingers :) like in the image below:
See? For extra glam rockness uses black glitter eyeliner over the black liquid liner for extra zaz!
Good :)
Enjoy glam rocking!