Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Beauuuuty Tip

Helloo my darlings I appologise for neglecting you, I'm just so busy getting my act together to go to uni :)
Ah well, here we go again, me making sure you're all looking after each other!
Ok beauty tip #4
I've told you in previous tips, about your skin type, sleep and keeping your tools clean.
Now I'm telling you about "vices" such as smoking, drinkning and so on. You know smoking is bad for the skin... but did you know drinking alcohol (especially in large amounts) messes your skin up? That eating too much convenience food (apart from making you fat) is bad for your skin?
The solution? Drink less, quit smoking and eat better. Easier said than done, I know junk food is addictive and I come from a place where BABIES are fed MacDonalds (which is just wrong) and smoking is the norm from about 11 years plus (despite the legal age for the purchase of tobacco being 18) and drinking is almpst a sport. Now I'm not say don't drink, don't eat junk food, I'm saying in moderation. A glass of wine on an evening is not excesive and will not harm your skin, but drinking maybe half a bottle a night is bad, it speeds up the aging process, cause your skin to look waxy and bloated with dark circles under your eyes and bloodshot eyes and rosacea (where your cheeks and nose take on that drunk old man redness). It also causes weight gain and makes your skin spotty because it  weakens your bodys ability to flush out toxins because it damages your liver. Smoking we should know by now affects how we look, the chemicals in the smoke are so damaging, the effects include, premature aging, grey tinged skin, it weakens your hair, it dries the skin and makes you more prone to spots and on top of all that, it stinks and gives you those lines around your lips that lipstick bleeds into making you look like a crazy lady. With fast food, the effects are known, people who eat alot of fast food have to find places to store all those extra calories... they appear as fat, it also makes your hair greasy, makes you more prone to spots (think the stereotypical fast food worker, greasy face covered in spots from the grease used to cook the food). Exercising restraint on yourself is a good idea, think to yourself as you pass the takeaway do you want a burger? Or do you want to spend less on make up and face wash to get rid of the spots and have more natural sexy spot free skin? Do you want that cigarette or would you rather more money to spend on the new must have lipstick? Or having a coffee or going to the movies? Or on a spa facial? Would you rather another 3 glasses of wine or would you rather clear even toned skin and fresh eyes? If you do, MODERATION!!!!! Except cigareets, quit smoking, there are helplines and guidance to help you quit and I bet your family and friends will be more than supportive! Take care of yourselves because you deserve it, you deserve to look as good as you possibly can and feel good.
So go and be beautiful.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

some glamour puss :3

Been waiting for my new lipsticks to arrive before I posted something new, because I was determined to use them... hehe so I appologise for the wait. But it is so worth it, check this out...
You're going to want to grab yourself a black eyeshadow and a plum coloured lipstick (by plum I mean any rich pruple/red colour).
Apply your black eyeshadow onto your eyelind and under the lash line (use an eyeliner brush for that bit) then gently smudge the edges for a soft focus effect. Now following the steps in my never stray ever stay lipstick post, apply your plum lipstick. Don't wear blusher with this look, you want a pale and interesting effect here as that is the fashion this season, dark colours and creamy skin with your autumn hues of rich golds and purples for a decadent appeal.
For extra oomph, coat your lashes in some of your favorite volumising mascara (mine's bourjoise) to make your eyes look sultry and alluring. Or for a fresher day time look (with the added bonus of lifting some years of those looking for a quick fix) keep your eyes nude except for some mascara and apply the rich colour to your lips, make sure you follow my tips in my never stray ever stay lipstick post to avoid bleeding lipstick and you're sorted!
Enjoy yourself, and I'll be back soon :)