Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Flares of the unwanted kind

Hi guys, don't worry I haven't dropped off the planet again, and I will be posting up, only I cannot wear make up for a while as I have had an eczema flare up on my face!! I look terrible and it's painful to put make up on so for a while I will likely have to put tutorials on hold. In the meantime I will make sure I post up hints and tips, and work to combat the eczema which is on my chin, eyelids and cheeks :(
I'm annoyed that it has happened while I trying to do the Disney ladies looks :( But never mind things happen. If you don't know what eczema is google it, I only have a mild form of it but it's still a burden to handle (think lond sleeve tops all year round, lotions and potions and frequent trips to doctors).
Anyway, I will see you all again soon

Monday, 22 October 2012

Gee Whiz! It's Minnie!

YES FOLKS! I am available for looks again!
Got my schedule sorted and I'm on track :)
I won't be here this weekend I'm in London meeting the BFs Dad's family :s wish me luck xx
I have settled well into uni life and as we speak am procrastinating from doing some actual work :D
So here is some Disney goodness as I launch back into make up with a full (as full as I can make it) tribute to the Disney female cast.
You'll want a black eyeliner (preferably pencil, but liquid is good too) and a bright pink eyeliner.

Oki Doki, firstly draw the round ear outlines at angles just above the line of the eyelids crease, then draw a curved line between the two "ears" and from them to the outer and inner corners of the eye lids. Now draw a bow as if it was resting on your lashes (I think I would have liked to use thick black false lashes on this on second thoughts...) and fill that in with pink.
Fill in the ears and where ever is not pink, with black...
Tada, Minnie Mousey :D
For a back ground to Minnie Mouse:
Next it will be Princess Mérida from Brave :D

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Long time no post!

Been super busy with uni, what with societies and lectures and the fact that nurses are not expected to have a life outside of learning to be a nurse!!!
But less of my complaining :)
I can't post a look tonight as I'm going scuba diving, it would be a waste of make up, I will however, share with you a time saving (and money saving) few tips.
First off, don't think eyeliners are just for your eyes, use them as brow pencils, lip liners (or lipstick if your swish a little lipbalm over it after applying the eyeliner on your lip), face paints. Saves you buying extra products and it means you have more available colours for whatever it is you want to do.
Don't bother buying fixants for your make up! Use hairspray, hold the can as far as you are able from your face and gently squeeze some spray onto your face, it'll hold your make up just as well. I'm sure it's common knowledge but I'll tell you anyway, don't bother buying bb cream if you already have a foundation that suits you, just mix your face moisturiser with a dab of foundation at approximately 1:3 (for example, for every 1 finger full of foundation mix it with 3 finger fulls of moisturiser). Want longer more conditioned eyelashes and brows? Before you go to bed, grab a clean, dry mascara brush and rub it into some vasline and sweep it onto brows and eyelashes, you'll have long shiny lashes and conditioned tame brows :)
That's all I can think of for now, so go forth and be beautiful :)