Friday, 31 August 2012

Just a bit of wacky neon brightness

Long title, but I had no pun for it so hey-ho, I'm back to my more wild looks at the moment, taking inspiration from the 80's and the colours in my mums garden.
Right you'll need a purple eyeshadow, a turquiose eyeshadow and a pink eyeshadow, white eyeliner, turquoise eyeliner, bright pink lipstick and purple eyeliner (foe the purple and turquoise eyeliner, gel liners are prefered)
Start off with the turquoise eyeshadow, use a small blush brush to build the colour up in a spoldge on the outer corner of the eye, blanding it out into the cheek and up to the temple, now on the inner corner, do the same with the purple eyesadow and blend that towards the bridge of the nose. With the pink, apply it to the eyelid and blend up, adding more colour towards the brow, blend the colours where their edges meet.

Now grab a white eyeliner, line you upper and lower tearlines and cover your eyebrows in white too. For your lips, grab your pink lippy first and smudge colour into the center in an abstract shape, on either side apply your purple and then turquoise eyeliner (I find gel liner is often the best for the next bit) and blend where the colours meet at their edges.

See you tomorrow xx

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Brown-ie points.

My cousin left her fashion book at mine last night, there were some leather boots that inspired me for this look, because I am into the browns at the moment, no idea why but whatever.
Anyway, for this you'll want to grab, a black pencil liner, a black liquid liner, medium shade of matte brown eyeshadow, a deep shade of matte brown eyeshadow, a dark brown eyeshadow and nude lipstick.
OK, firstly outline 3 diamond shapes in the black pencil liner, under the outer corner of the eye. Now apply the light brown shadow all around the eye and blend out into the diamonds. Now use the deep brown and shad the inner corner on the eye, and then use the darker brown over that. Darken the diamonds with the liquid liner by going over the pencil.
Now apply nude lipstick.
Nice and easy :)
Until tomorrow :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

A little goes a long way.

Proof ladies and gentlemen that you do not have to plaster your face to look pretty, our lovely model Shivani has kindly modeled once again for this blog to give my skin a break and due to a rquest for an easy day time look.
 All we used this afternoon, was some transluscent powder, light, medium and dark shades of an earthy brown matte eyeshadow, frosty pink blush, some black eyeliner, irridescent pink lipgloss and mascara.

Ok, first things first, your translucent powder, make sure your face is moisturised, let that soak in the apply powder with a large brush from your nose outwards in swirly patterns, now dust lightly your cheeks, from the apples of your cheek along the length of the cheek bone with a light frosty pink blusher. Apply eyeliner to your lower tearline, then smudge some more under your lashline a little. Slick some light brown eyeshadow all over your lid, then do the outer cornr in the medium brown and finish off with the dark brown eyeshadow in the crease, finish your eyes with some mascara. Now sweep some lipgloss on the center of your lower lip and rub your lips together to spread that evenly over your lips...
Tada :D
Till tomorrow

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dolly Mix

I know the current season trend is for dark lips, milky skin and silky creamy eyes... but it's still summer!!! I'm saving that jazz for when Autumn kicks in, until then onwards with the candy shades because they are uplifting on rainy days like today.
So, I give to you a pink and purple dolly mix hues, a fairy fixing of glitter, frosted cheeks and some gleeful messings around :)
You're going to need a pale pink blush, black mascara, purple mascara, loose purple glitter, purple glitter liner, deep purple eyeliner, frosted pink eyeshadow, purple eyeshadow, powder foundation and translucent powder.

First things first, from your temple right upto your nose apply the pale pink blush and build it right up until it is opaque , blend at the edges so it fades to the natural skin tone around the cheek. Now apply frosty pink eyeshadow to your lids, and apply the purple shadow in the crease, blend the purple outwards past the eye and down to under the lower lashline. Now dust your face with the powder foundation down the nose, on your chin and across your forehead and blend slightly into the blusher at the edges where they meet, now lightly dyst everywhere with the translucent powder. Now coat your upper lashes with lots of purple mascara, and lightly spereate the lower ones with the black mascara. Now apply some purple glitter eyeliner over the purple mascara and dust some loose purple glitter over your cheeks and line your tearline with the purple eyeliner.
Now go have fun :)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sweet Dreams are made of this...

This is another health and beauty hint post :)
#3 Beauty tip
Beauty Sleep!
Oh blah blah you may say! I don't need 8 hours sleep! Let alone 6 hours or even 4! I can pull an all nighter and be fresh as a daisy! Well be that as it may, you just might feel fresh as a daisy but you won't look it! Sleep does not just make you feel better, sleep gives the body and your skin time to perk up from the hard days looking gorgeous. 8 hours is optimum for the majority of people, and by that it's the average persons recommended dose of zzz's you may need more or less. The way to tell if you are getting enough is if you are feeling tired when you wake up, you may have had a long snooze and a good lay in, but you still feel tired? You may be over doing the sleep, and you know yourself if you are under doing the sleep if you've had a late night and an early started and feel like a wreck!
If you find it hard to go to sleep you're like myself, I'm a tense person by nature I find if sleep is evasive, planting my headphones on my head a good way to relax, play a nice song that's not bouncy or energetic. If that isn't for you, lay in the dark, lay still as you can and take deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, close your eyes on the second breath and keep them closed and keep breathing, you'll find you just drift off. Scented oil reeds, warm bed time baths, bed time drinks like horlicks or cocoa, watching a film, reading a book or giving yourself a foot massage also are methods to help you sleep. If you try this and nothing works, see your doctorr, you may have insomnia, a condition where sleep is nearly or completely impossible and they can gove you advice from then on to help you sleep.
If you find you sleep too much or find waking up a real chore, then here's some methods we use with my brother who slept through an earthquake! Use more than one alarm clock and don't keep them by the bed where the snooze button is in easy reach! Buy 3 cheap alarms, and put them in hidden areas in the room, set them for 5 minutes after each other, by the time you have found them all and switched them off you should be awake! Ask your parents or roomates for a wake up call if they are up before you, it can be annoying, but if they have woken you up and got you out of bed then it works. Another couple of wake up methods involve leaving your curtains open, our bodies are evolved (or created) to wake up when light hits our eyes, sunlight is especially good at this, so leave the curtains open and you should wake up with the light of the sun filtering through your eyelids. You could also try sleeping with a thinner duvet, or buying a "teasmade" or timed coffee machine to have a great smelling drink ready nearby to wake you with its aroma. If you are still finding it hard to wake up or do not feel as though you are getting any gain from sleep, go to a doctor, it may be that you have some underlying or hidden problem preventing you from becoming refreshed, depression is a main culprit for this, as is stress so go seek help.
So all being well you'll sort your sleep problem out, and as a new student nurse I face shift work and will have to learn how to manage sleep around that, but fear not, I will and will report on how to do that while you, my angels, sleep soundly and wake feeling good, looking good and having good times.
Sweet dreams

Friday, 17 August 2012

Golden Girl

Oh gosh I'm so happy! So to celebrate I am doing something golden sparkly for to make known my happy happy joy :D
Anyway on with the tale I'm all shiney and I attempted to make it all ethereal, but it doesn't show in the photos I'm afraid, ah well, one day, one day I will have a fancy camera that takes more good photos than bad... or are the photos the fault of the photographer? Mull that one over kids!
Here we go, you need a gold eyeshadow and an irridescent gold eyeshadow usch as G4 (plain gold) an G3 (irridescent), and pale gold lipgloss, mine was an MUA on in shade 1.
Ok, get yourself a small powder brush and dip it in the gold eyeshadow and colse your eye, then sweep it over your eye to your hair line, deepen the colour by repeated appliucation of the eyeshadow make sure you get the inside of the eyelid, the dip between your eye and nose and upto the eyebrow. Do this for both eyes. Now grab another small powder bruush and dip it in the other gold and sweep it all over your face, paying especial attention to your nose, your temples and cheeks. Now grab an eye shadow brush and sweep some of the irridescent old around the eyelid.
Now slick on a few coats of gloss to build up a sheen on your lips worthy of a sun goddess :D
Now scrape your hair up in a high bun, spray it with gold glitter and gems, wear a yellow or gold outfit and you are the sun :D Go partay!

Monday, 13 August 2012

ice ice baby!

Something sparkly for today because I haven't posted in a while, and I have no excuse for it :P
Pale silver and medium sliver eyeshadow (si1 and si2 coded for the mnly palette in a previous blog), silver eyeliner (barry m #11), mascara of your choice, all one length medium thickness black false lashes, silver glitter eyeliner (mine's collection 2000 glitter gel liner in #4 "hustle") and shimmer body puff (i used urban decay cherry lemonade body shimmer).
Now then, firstly line your eyes in silver liner, all the way around top and bottom lash line. Make the top lash lines eyeliner thicker though. Now apply light silver all over the lid upto your brows, then apply the medium silver in the crease and blend it upwards. Take a small powder brush and swirl it in the light silver eyeshadow and dust that all over your face, then dust some medium silver over your cheek bones. Apply your false lashes to your top lashes, then sweep a small amount of glitter liner near your tear duct on the lower lash line on both eyes and bottom lashes. Apply mascara onto your upper lashes to bond your lashes to the false ones. Apply some silver eyeliner to the inner lip and blend outwards, now dust face all over with shimmer powder.
Tada :)
Enjoy being an ice queen my darlings

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Feeling a little blue?

Not to worry! I have a look that will match that mood :D
The other cousin, Katie asked me (after many changings of her mind) to do something blue on my lips, dark and light blue so I did and this is the result:
Her favorite colour of the moment is blue. So here I am blue as can be :P
Anyway, this lipstick (is not actually lipstick) is super easy to do, you just need a dark blue eyeliner, like one by Barry M #6 and a pale blue body crayon, like the ones from claires accsesories body crayon pack in the rainbow colours.
The tutorial is also super quick, you line your lips with the dark blue and fill in the inside gap with light blue. Grab an eyeliner brush and blend gently at the edges. A quick look for a bit extra attention on a night out ;D Seal it with lipcote to make it last.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sweet like Chocolate :D

This brings me so much joy, it's sweet like chocolate jooooy... ahem.... moving ooonn..
OK this look was requested by my cousin Evie, tomorrow Katies nagged me to do a look for her ;D
Anyway, this look has lots of rich brown in it, and here is what you'll need, a gold eyeshadow (urban decay half baked), dark brown (urban decay twice baked), cream eyeshadow (urban decay midnight cowboy rides again), and light gold eyeshadow (urban decay YDK), light bronzer, pale gold eyeliner (avon gel liner in golden fawn), beige lipstick (collection 2000 cream puff lip cream in angel delight #4) and golden glitter.

Firstly use the cream eyeshadow in the inner corner for a quater of the eyelid, then light gold from the cream for another quater, then the gold for another quater and then finish with brown. After they have been applied, just blend the colours at the seams. Then apply eyeliner all around the eye, top and bottom lash line. Now apply lashings of mascara if you want. Now grab a large brush and apply bronzer lightly on your whole face, then layer a little more on your temples to deepen the tan slightly. Now dab some glitter under the lower lash line and apply lipstick.
Tada :D

Monday, 6 August 2012

Green eye monster

Ok, not as smokey as I had hoped, the colours just dind't work out but it's still a pretty sweet look :)
You're gonna need 3 shades of green eyeshadow, a dark green, medium shade of green and a light green (I used gr8, 9 and 10), mascara and medium or dark green eyeliner.
Super duper simple once again, here we go:
Light green eyeshadow all over your lid, then medium green in the crease and then dark green on the outer corner, blended into the light green and smudge the dark green outside the lid to look smokey and cool.
Now line your upper lash line and the outer half of the lower lash line. Now slick on some mascara :D This can be done in any colour you wish so have fun experimenting!
Done and dusted :D
Too simple, maybe need to get something more complex on so we have more to talk about next time?
Hmmm, ah well

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Out striped :D

My attaempts at nice photos are failing again ah well, I might enlist some help next time though I don't see anyone being available everyday to photo a look for me :/ cé la vie.
Well anyway this ones a bit of an 80's style (in terms of manic brightness and crazy blush).
Anywho, you'll need; red, orange, pink, purple, green, blue, silver and turquoise eyeliners (all mine are barry M), also yeellow and coral eyeliners (mine are from sleek), stick concealer and pink blush (also sleek)
OK, just apply foundation as you usually would, and then cover your lips in concealer to blot them out, then apply blusher over your temples and down to your cheek bones, building up cover until it's bright and blend. Now line one eye all the way around in pink, then draw lines vertically on the other eye. Space them out and put the colours on as you want them for a bit of a change from the usualy rainbow line up. Tada.... Super quick :D

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Some 50's thing

OK, I'm majorly bored and stuck in cause weathers being weird so here is another post, belated and for you :) Also, prepare yourself, there's about to be some artsy photos, because I got bored with my usual point and shoot pratting around and went greyscale and dramatic. It is about time I put more effort into taking photos me thinks.
So, you'll need to grab yourself a coral lipstick (I used Kate Moss for Rimmels lipstick in #12), black eyeliner (I used a liquid liner, benefits magic ink in black), rosey pink blusher (i used sleeks blush in flamingo), lipcote, a stick concealer, eyebrow pencil in your eyebrows colour (I used my trusty rimmel one in dark brown), w7 camouflage kit and collection 2000 loose powder.

Now then, firstly we gotta eliminate any under eye darkness combine the colours in the camouflage kit to match your skins natural colour and tap that under your eyes lightly and blend with your fingers then set with the loose powder using a small powder brush. Now slick some of the stick concealer onto your cheeks and forehead and blend it into your skin using a foundation brush and when it's blended in and you've got rid of any patches set that with the loose powder using a large fluffy powder brush. Now grab an angled powder brush and pick up a tiny amount of blush sweeping it over your cheek bone, building up colour until your have a rosey flush, blend the bottom egde of your blush downwards to soften its edge. Now fill in your brows with your pencil and line your upper lash line with black liner getting thicker starting thin on the inner corner and gradually getting thicker until you reach the outer corner and leave it blunted, no flick. Apply stick concealer to your lips and blend it, then fill in your upper lip with coral and press your lips together, not rubbing them together, open you mouth and follow the marks left from the upper lip to make a smaller poutier mouth than your natural mouth, sharpen the line by carefully applying the lipstick. Then blot your lipstick, reapply and then coat in lipcote. If you like slick on some mascara, but I didn't.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Dark side...

OK then, got some gothic goings on going on tonight :D Good for going to themed parties or just being gothy when you feel that way out :P
You're going to need a brow pencil one shade darker than your brows if you are light haired, if you're dark haired use a pencil in your brows colour. Black eyeshadow like Bl1 in the Manly palette (for the code I use check out the old post with it on), black eyeliner like Barry M's #1, a grey eyeliner like Barry M;s #26, purple mascara like Barry M's lengthening mascara in electric purple, a normal black mascara use whichever you prefer I use Maybelline blackest black, silver glitter liner mine is colllection 2000 in hustle 4, black glitter liner mine is collection 2000 in rock chick 7 and last but not least the black lipstick I've used Barry M's #37.
On wards then. Fistly you may or may not want to pale yourself up, the how to is simple, put your foundation on as normal then powder puff talc onto your face to go paler :D
Just fill in your brows with a bit of brow pencil to darken them up and add definition to start off. Now you want to line your eyes, line the upper lash line with a medium line of grey eyeliner from the inner corner to half way into the eyelid, then do the rest with black liner. Now line the lower lash line with black liner from the outer corner to half way in, then use grey eyeliner to finish the line off into the inner corner and finish with a small downward flick angled towards your nose. Smudge the eyeliner on your upper lash line with an angled eyeliner brush. Now grab a stiff eyeshadow brush and pick up a small amount of eyeshadow on the tip and work it into the crease of your eye smudging it outwards to form a shadowy halo around your socket and slightly under the lower lashline; then apply purple mascara to the inner half of your lashes top and bottom and then the outer lashes in black. Now grab the black glitter liner and streak a dab along the outer part of the lower lashline, following the black eyeliner, now grab your siler glitter liner and sweep some on the upper lash line on the inner corner.
Now your lips... Black is tricky because of the nature of the colour, any mistake is going to be easily spotted like when doing red lipstick, so grab the black eyeliner again and with great care line your lips and fill them in with the black eyeliner, then go over it in the black lipstick carefully to avoid slipping and don't smack your lips eiether until you have applied a sealant like lipcote.
And you're done :D
I'm not being a wannabe nerd goth, I do acctually have to wear glasses I'm blind as a bat xD