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Thursday, 6 September 2012

some glamour puss :3

Been waiting for my new lipsticks to arrive before I posted something new, because I was determined to use them... hehe so I appologise for the wait. But it is so worth it, check this out...
You're going to want to grab yourself a black eyeshadow and a plum coloured lipstick (by plum I mean any rich pruple/red colour).
Apply your black eyeshadow onto your eyelind and under the lash line (use an eyeliner brush for that bit) then gently smudge the edges for a soft focus effect. Now following the steps in my never stray ever stay lipstick post, apply your plum lipstick. Don't wear blusher with this look, you want a pale and interesting effect here as that is the fashion this season, dark colours and creamy skin with your autumn hues of rich golds and purples for a decadent appeal.
For extra oomph, coat your lashes in some of your favorite volumising mascara (mine's bourjoise) to make your eyes look sultry and alluring. Or for a fresher day time look (with the added bonus of lifting some years of those looking for a quick fix) keep your eyes nude except for some mascara and apply the rich colour to your lips, make sure you follow my tips in my never stray ever stay lipstick post to avoid bleeding lipstick and you're sorted!
Enjoy yourself, and I'll be back soon :)

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