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Friday, 31 August 2012

Just a bit of wacky neon brightness

Long title, but I had no pun for it so hey-ho, I'm back to my more wild looks at the moment, taking inspiration from the 80's and the colours in my mums garden.
Right you'll need a purple eyeshadow, a turquiose eyeshadow and a pink eyeshadow, white eyeliner, turquoise eyeliner, bright pink lipstick and purple eyeliner (foe the purple and turquoise eyeliner, gel liners are prefered)
Start off with the turquoise eyeshadow, use a small blush brush to build the colour up in a spoldge on the outer corner of the eye, blanding it out into the cheek and up to the temple, now on the inner corner, do the same with the purple eyesadow and blend that towards the bridge of the nose. With the pink, apply it to the eyelid and blend up, adding more colour towards the brow, blend the colours where their edges meet.

Now grab a white eyeliner, line you upper and lower tearlines and cover your eyebrows in white too. For your lips, grab your pink lippy first and smudge colour into the center in an abstract shape, on either side apply your purple and then turquoise eyeliner (I find gel liner is often the best for the next bit) and blend where the colours meet at their edges.

See you tomorrow xx

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