Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Flares of the unwanted kind

Hi guys, don't worry I haven't dropped off the planet again, and I will be posting up, only I cannot wear make up for a while as I have had an eczema flare up on my face!! I look terrible and it's painful to put make up on so for a while I will likely have to put tutorials on hold. In the meantime I will make sure I post up hints and tips, and work to combat the eczema which is on my chin, eyelids and cheeks :(
I'm annoyed that it has happened while I trying to do the Disney ladies looks :( But never mind things happen. If you don't know what eczema is google it, I only have a mild form of it but it's still a burden to handle (think lond sleeve tops all year round, lotions and potions and frequent trips to doctors).
Anyway, I will see you all again soon

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