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Monday, 22 October 2012

Gee Whiz! It's Minnie!

YES FOLKS! I am available for looks again!
Got my schedule sorted and I'm on track :)
I won't be here this weekend I'm in London meeting the BFs Dad's family :s wish me luck xx
I have settled well into uni life and as we speak am procrastinating from doing some actual work :D
So here is some Disney goodness as I launch back into make up with a full (as full as I can make it) tribute to the Disney female cast.
You'll want a black eyeliner (preferably pencil, but liquid is good too) and a bright pink eyeliner.

Oki Doki, firstly draw the round ear outlines at angles just above the line of the eyelids crease, then draw a curved line between the two "ears" and from them to the outer and inner corners of the eye lids. Now draw a bow as if it was resting on your lashes (I think I would have liked to use thick black false lashes on this on second thoughts...) and fill that in with pink.
Fill in the ears and where ever is not pink, with black...
Tada, Minnie Mousey :D
For a back ground to Minnie Mouse:
Next it will be Princess Mérida from Brave :D

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