Thursday, 29 November 2012

Princess Merida

Yep, get your grr face on for some Scottish slap I have for your delectation...
You're going to want a nude lipstick that's slightly darker than your own skin tone, orange eyeshadow, light blue eyeshadow and some light pink or peachy blusher.
Forstly get your face matte and flawless, I have an earlier blog post on just how to do this if you go back and check :)
Once you have that down, get a small amount of blush on an angled blusher brush and tap it onto your cheek bone (if you have trouble finding your cheek bones, suck your cheeks in and you'll see them) and blend the blush in soft circles towards the temple. Now apply your lipstick, then take an eyeliner brush and apply orange eyeshadow to the inner corner of the upper eyelid on both eyes, then using another brush (or clean the first one) and apply blue eyshadow to the outer corner and blend the two colours where they meet.
Once this is all done you have yourself a princess' flawless skin and distinct eyes to boot :)
Tomorrows princess will be a suprise :D

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