Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A triple one :D Some thing green's going down!

OKAAAAY, I missed some days, I'm out of practise haha, well I'm gonna let you in on a secret! I told you I'm doing Disney Princesses right? Well I extended it into any Disney heroine! AND... Their respective foes :D so tonight I have for you Fiona, Fairy Godmother and Rumplestiltskin! Whhhheeeeeeeeeeeee :)

 First for fiona, grab yourself green eyeliner, blue eyeliner and silver liner, also grab silver glitter and green glitter eyeliners as well as a lime green eyeshadow.
Super simple, on your upper eyelid, line first with green all the way across above your lashes, flick the end, then above the green, draw halfway in to the upper lid from the inner corner with the blue, finish it off the the silver and match the green flick. Now, grab the green glitter liner and line over the green liner in green glitter, and with the silver glitter, go over the silver liner. Lastly apply some eyeshadow to your lower lashline.

Pretty I think :)
Now for the madam! FAAAAAIRYGODMOTHER!
Grab a pale pink eyeshadow, a purple eyeshadow, a silver glitter eyeliner, a purple glitter eyeliner and a black liquid eyeliner and a tube of purple mascara.
First off, cover your eyelid in the pink eyeshadow, then highlight the outer corner in the purple. Next grab your silver glitter and line the lower lashline half way in from the inner corner of the eye, complete the line with purple glitter liner. Then grab the black eyeliner and starting from just over half way into the upper lid, draw a black line on the upper lashline that gradually thickens as it reaches the outer corner of the upper eyelid, DON'T add a flick. It looks like I have on the photo, but that's from making a correction with a baby wipe, it dragged the end a little, please excuse it. Finish with a slick of purple mascara
A sexy glam look that I'm sure she'd love :D
Mmmm purpley...
Now for Stiltskin tehehe
Go get your hands on some orange eyeshadow, some reddish-orange eyeshadow (or dark orange), coral eyeliner and gold glitter eyeliner. (Also, fetch your angry wig if you happen to have one ;D)
Now, all the way up to your brow, apply the orange, blend it at the edges so it's not a harsh splodge of colour, next, on the outer corner from the eyelid up again to the brow, blend the darker shadow. Now that's done, get your gold liner and draw big swirls and stuff on your lids, make sure to apply the liner so the gold is dense and easily visable, you can make a guide with non-glittery gold eyeliner before hand if you like to intensify the colour of the gold.
Tadaaaaa, I began watermarking on recommendation from a friend of mine, I keep it out the way of the pretty parts so don't worry about it :D
Enjoy shreking it up guys.

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