Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Everyday I'm Huffelin'

Teehee... Okay, I'm sorry but I have a whole heap of holidays stretching before me a little madness will be good for me :)
So here I am on my first installment of my Harry Potter themed frivolity :D
I'm doing each of the house colours and 3 of it's members/ associated characters.
For Hufflepuff I'm doing Tonks, Helga Hufflepuff and Cedric Diggory (because I fear the fran girls... I FEAR THEIR SQUEALING WRATH)
Yellow and black :D
Nice simple look use: Yellow eyeliner (I used sleek eu la la liner in canary), Black eyeliner (Barry M's kohl liner #1), Yellow eyeshadow (Y 2 on the palette), and a black eyeshadow (Bl 1)
First extend the oval of your eyelid slightly upwards and fill in the space and your eyelid with the yellow eyeliner and line your lower lashline. line the edge of your yellow eyelid with black eyeliner.
With an eyeshadow brush tap yellow eyeshadow onto your eyeliner to fix it and stop it creasing, it also intensifies the colour. With an angled eyeliner brush blend out the black eyeliner, and with a clean eyeshadow brush apply some black eyeshadow along where the black eyeliner was and blend it outwards. Don't let it smudge into the yellow! If it does just slick yellow eyeliner over it.
That's the eyes done:
I did lips to match :D I did two types of lips, one a blend out and the other a two tone I like the two tone better but I'll let you decide which you prefer:

They both use the Claires body crayons in yellow and black from the rainbow and the classic colours packs.
The first one, start by drawing a half circle on your top lip and press your lips together to get an imprint of the half circle on the lower lip. Surround that black paint with yellow and use a lip brush to blend black into yellow, add more colour as you go to keep both colours even and intense.
For the second, colour your top lip in yellow and the bottom in black... simples :D
Coat your lips in lipcote afterwards to keep them looking the way you want them to :D

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