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Sunday, 17 June 2012


I am really sorry for not updating regularly... I would have thought, being off now and all, that I would be able and free to update every night like I want to. Only things come up don't they...
Last night my boyfriend stole me away from you again, and tonight I am emergency babysitting, as such I am unable to updae tonight because I have no camera to take photos nor do I have all my make up here to create a look. I will however strive to bring you a look tomorrow. I'm thinking Bellatrix Le Strange? Anyway, I will update tomorrow brownie promise (I didn't go to Brownies...  but it's the intention that counts!)
After Bellatrix, I', going to do Draco, then Voldemort, then I will do Ravenclaw and their group, then Gryfindor. After this, the next big project is going to be my Disney Princesses.... Oh how I look forward to that!!!!!

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