Monday, 4 June 2012

It's in my Gene (Simmons)

A REQUEST! Sandra Zasada asked me to do something based on KISS that glam rock band with the bad hair :D
So I did something in the vein of their front man Gene Simmons...
This is a late post I do apologise I've just had a super busy couple of days what with finishing college and all that :)
But onwards now:
This was a slightly more difficult one to plan out and the amount of baby wipes and tantrums and EYELINER I went through are unbelieveable!

Heeere's one eye done :P
You're gonna want a pencil eyeliner in black, liquid eyeliner in black and white eyeliner. I used Barry M for my black pencil liner #1, gallery colurs eyeliner in white and benefit magik ink liquid liner.
Here's how we did this:
Using the black kohl pencil start at the tear duct in the inner corner of the eye on the lower lid and draw a line about 1 cm long... which is abut the length of your nail on your index finger :) then draw and arc reaching across to halfway along the lower lash line, then draw another spanning the last half, extend the back end part out a little then draw a straight line from the point to your outer corner then draw a slightly curved line upwards from the point and draw 3 cruved zig zags on your eyelid like tall thin waves along half your eyelid, then in that remaining half, draw an elongagted u shape until you're above the tear duct again an draw a staright line down to meet the one you drew for the lower lash line :).

Now that you have your outline, go over it in the black liquid liner and fill it all in with the black liquid liner. Theen on the outside of the black liner, shade some white on and blend it outwards with your fingers :) like in the image below:
See? For extra glam rockness uses black glitter eyeliner over the black liquid liner for extra zaz!
Good :)
Enjoy glam rocking!

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