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Monday, 25 June 2012


GUYS! BRAIN WAVE! OK, I know I am a make up look blog, but what's the use of me just telling you what products to use if a) they are unavailable where you are and b) you've never tried them and don't know if you should spend money on a brand you haven't yet tried? So I bring to you.... PRODUCT REVIEWS!
I will be testing different products and giving you my verdict, I love all make up and will try anything, I have no allergies to anything (except peanuts but I doubt they'll be in make up lol) so I'm happy to splodge any type of make up on my mush.
I'm going to do my reviews one day every week, giving my face a break and some much needed TLC. Oh! I'm also thinking of adding in face care guides, because make up does require us to take care of our faces more so than those who do not wear make up, and I am proud to say *touch wood* I have never had a problem with my skin on my face because I take exquisite care of my skin :D (not bragging at all haha) so, comments on that potential addition? What do we think? Yes or no?
Anyway, this week will be devoid of posts because I am not at home, I'm going to be in Leicester, checking out where I am going to live starting September because I am going to Demontfort uni to become a nurse! My boyfriend is currently there doing maths at Leicester uni so he has buisness there too and I'm staying with him and as we may have noticed, his presence signals a gradual decline in posts. But fear not! It's only until friday, then things will get back to normal plus reviews annd maybe the TLC posts if you like the sound of them that is :)
Toodles my loves

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