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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Going polka dotty

Oki :D this look involves a whole heck load of eyeliner but it's fab and fun and retro to boot!
'Bout time I did something a bit more oomphy I've been doing alot of everyday looks, so for a while we are getting back out there and doing some funky looks for the blog ya :D
You're going to need: a black eyeliner pencil (I use Barry M's #1), a red eyeliner pencil (Barry M's #25), an orange eyeliner pencil (Barry M's #24), a yellow eyeliner (sleek eu la la liner in canary), a green one (Barry M in #20), a turquoise one (Barry M #13), a blue one (Barry M #6), a purple one (Barry M #18), a pink one (Barry M #23), a copper one (Barry M #29) a grey one (Barry M #26) and a silver one (Barry M #11)
Told you it was lots of eyeliner!
So the how to is super super easy... Isn't that always the case with looks using tonnes of product?
Pair up the colours to ones that clash with them, I put pink with green, copper with grey, black and silver, turquoise with orange, purple with yellow and red with blue.
Now, you can work out from the picture what I did, with one colour from each pair I drew circles of various sizes on each eyelid up to the brow, then with the other colour from each pair, filled in the circles I'd drawn. Then with 3 random colours from the bunch of eyeliners I used I dotted random dots here and there around the larger dots... How simple is that?
It looks a bit retro space themed :)
The shape of the eyelid does make drawing circles hard, try and hold the eyelid taught as you draw and don't worry about making them perfect circles :)

The circles don't even have to be whole, you could make it look like half or part of the circle is hidden behind something like your brow or your lash line :)
Have fun with it, make it pretty, and if you want send me pictures I want you to interact :D makes this hobby that bit more amazing :D
Love y'all
For the next week or so, I'm doing Harry Potter themed looks... YAY :D

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