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Friday, 15 June 2012


A few months ago, sat chattering as I do to my good buddies, we got onto the topic of which house we belonged in at Hogwarts, 2 of my friends, Shivani and Carrick who have modeled on here before, are without a shadow of doubt Hufflepuff as they are fluffy and soft, Edward and Jayne were classed as Ravenclaw because they are intellectual and disapprove of mine and my boyfriends shenanigans (nothing dirty mind you and secret tuttings are not so secret when they are out loud guys!). I was a Gryfindor... hands down apparently because I am "Balshy" and ironically enough my boyfriend is Slytherin because he is a sneaky, ruthless individual, driven to achieve power... Ha... Opposites attract!
Anyway, moving on :)
Righty this is what you need my lovelies:
A grass green eyeshadow (I used Gr10 from the manly palette), a sliver eyeshadow (I used Si2 from the same palette as the green), snazaroo glitter gel in "multi, a pale green eyeliner (I used Barry M #20), a dark green eyeliner (I used superdrugs own "2true" in #4), a silver eyeliner or body crayon (I used the glittery silver one from the Claires Dark collection of body crayons) and eyelures false eyelashes "Sarah" from the girls aloud party lashes collection.
It's a proud look, one to use if you want something to give your face a distict powerful look.
This is how it goes down!
Use the pale green eyeliner to shape where you're going to put the green eyeshadow, draw a dot outside the outer edge of your upper eyelid, make it sit halfway up parallel to the lid then draw lines to that point from the crease and lower lash line to meet the dot. Cover your upper lid in the sliver eyeshadow and follow the eyeliner guide with green eyeshadow to create a dark green outline to the silver. Line your lower lashline with the dark green eyeliner and spot under neath the lower lashline with the glitter gel. Apply the false lashes, now following the instructions is useful in this situation, it saves me time explaining how to apply falsies :) Don't worry if they do not it exactly fit exactly straight perfectly above your lashes, because no one really notices when you have fab fluttering silver lashes, and if perfection is your goal, recite this mantra "Practise makes perfect".
Now just colour your lips in with the silver liner or glitter crayon.

Simple pimple :D
Have fun dominating your subordinates with this look!

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