Friday, 22 June 2012

Draconian Style

Now here is a word to buff up your vocabulary: Draconian "to be unusually harsh or severe" from the word Draco, the name of a man who thought up some pretty strict rules. He was Athenian (A place in Ancient Greece) and even petty crimes had serious punishment. I'm not just a pretty face you see!
Anyway, I use that word today because I am doing a look for Draco Malfoy (notice... :D) who is a cruel character in Harry Potter with a disdain for others and a harsh view on those he considers beneath himself.
I've not copied his face like I did for Bellatrix, instead I've taken his personality, harsh, wealthy and cold and tried to bring that out in the make-up...
Sharp lines and cool colours are what define this look (disdainful look not included)
Here is what we used:
Translucent face powder (I used my trusty Collection 2000 loose powder), pale green shimmery eyeshadow (I used Gr 4 from the 120 palette I use), Grey eyeliner (Mine is Barry M's kohl pencil in #26), skin coloured lipstick (I used Collection 2000 cream puff in powder puff 2), medium thickness false lashes (mine were a £1 pair from primark) and glitter eyeliner (I used my Collection 2000 gel liner in hustle #4).

Now, get a large powder brush and swirl plenty of powder onto your face. Then draw a line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner getting gradually thicker as it goes along in grey liner and give it a long pointed flick at the end. Line the flick up with the corner of your eyebrow. Then apply your false lashes as close to your lashes as possible but never on your lashes. Then with an eyeliner brush apply green eyeshadow to your lower lash line and then use glitter liner in the crease of your eyelid and follow the flick of your grey liner. Then apply your lipstick and enjoy some wrong doings!
Sparkle sparkle :D

Now all you gotta do is get in favour with the baddy and ruin the good guys day :D
Have fun plotting dastardly plots my loves

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