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Monday, 11 June 2012

Cedric Dig-it-ory

Oki, didn't post last night but I have a totally valid reason for it... my boyfriend is home from uni ^_^ so I went to go see him and unexpectedly spent the night... I would have updated had I actually gone home as was my intention but he does this puppy eye thing... and he has big blue eyes... and... well I have no guilt over it ok!
I got today and tomorrows look done already so don't worry about me not updating ok :D
Anyway, this look is a clean simple look. I jazzed up my eyebrows for a manly hint because... Cedric is a boy... xD
There are sparkles too of course :)
Anyway, you'll want to grab yourself some of the following if you're going to battle Voldemort and won this tine!
Gold glitter gel liner (I use collection 2000 gel glitter liner in funk3), coppery eyeliner (I used Barry M's in #29), yellow and dark gol eyeshadows (I used Y5 and G8 from the "Manly" 120 palette I coded for), a nude matte lipstick (I used collection 2000 cream puff in angel delight), some clear mascara (I use collection 2000) and a deep back mascara (I use maybeline blackest black).
Firstly, just do whatever you usually do to your face in terms of applying foundation or whatever to even out your skintone and DON'T APPLY BLUSHER!
Now use the gold eyeshadow first, just on your eyelid, then blend the yellow over that (Hufflepuff yellow with a bit of depth) then line your upper lashline with the coppery eyeliner with a medium thickness line and go over that with the gold glittery liner. Now just one coat of the black mascara and sweep on to your lips the matte lipstick. To jazz up the brows, get the clear mascara and wiggle the brush up thorugh your brows to lift the hairs to point upwards to add a touch of masculinity to the look, this is optional, I thought it made it more authentic considering the character.

Tada :)

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