Tuesday, 19 June 2012


no post last night, Grandad stole the internet -_-'''
OH WELL you have a post tonight, and it is Bellatrix Lestrange!
That was what I used as reference. She's crazy, so she's meant to be mucky, disorganised and somewhat upside down.
By the way, my hair is this way naturally, I wouldn't know where to start if you wanted to match the hair sorry :P
This is one of my crazy faces :P
Right here is what I used: Translucent face powder (Mine is collection 2000's loose powder), Brown eyeliner (Barry M #2), pinky-brown lipstick (Avons lipstick in iced coffee), purple-bronze eyeshadow (I used Br10 from the 120 palette), and matte pale brown lipstick (I use Collection 2000 creampuff in Angel Delight), lengthening mascara )I use maybellines great lash in blackest back)
And here is how to:

Powder your face with the translucent powder to even out the skin tone, use pleanty and use a big powder brush to apply it in big spirals around the face. Then use an eyeshadow brush and apply eyeshadow to your lids and blend above the crease and sweep some below the eye to make it look like you have shadows under your eyes. then thinly line your upper lash line with a little brown eyeliner and apply one coat of mascara to your lashes, making sure they are seperate.

Then lightly line your lips with the brown eyeliner and smudge it with a brush or your fingers till it's just noticable. Then fill in your lips with the lipstick and add some more definition into it by dotting a little brown liner on the insides of the lips. Then dab little bits of the matte lipstick on the outside corners of your lips and blend it in.
Tada :D Now you just need to pull a crazy face and you're a real Lestrange

:D Lotsa crazy.
Buhbye xxx

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