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Saturday, 9 June 2012


I AM SO SPARKLY ITS JUST SO WONDERFUL!*breathes into paper bag*
Tonight I'm Nymphadora Tonks:
Ok... the inspiration here is the part where she turns her hair pink... I'm justifying the glitter with its light and colour changing properties?... no? Well... DEAL WITH IT I LIKE GLITTER...
Well, whether you agree this is Tonksy or not it's fun, to get the look you'll need the following:
Shimmering face cream (I use eyeko cream... no idea how long I have had it but it is amazing... try and find it ^_^), pink eyeshadow (P2 in the 120 palette), purple eyeshadow(Pu9) and magenta eyeshadow(P1), pink irridescent lipstick (I use NYC 405 blue rose), glitter gel (i use a snazaroo one it's "multi"), purple mascara (I used urban decay big fatty mascara in purple haze), silvery glitter eyeliner (I use collection 200 in hustle) and a shimmery body puff (I use urban decays cherry bomb... you can lick this powder, it is edible! It tastes of Cherryade!)

Anyway here we go this is how we do it:
Get a foundation brush and get a good glob of the shimmery face cream and cover you whole face in a sheen of the cream, not too thick, but so you are obviously shimmery. Then cover your lid in your magenta eyeshadow and in the inner corner blend in the pink eyeshadow to half way into your lid. Use an eyeliner brush to line your lower lid with purple eyeshadow then coat your lashes in purple mascara and then with a layer of the glitter liner.
Grab a lip brush and carefully fill your lips with the pink lipstick and then dip the handle of a large brush in the glitter gel and tap that under your eyes to create glittery freckles. Now finish off your face with a dusting of the shimmery powder.
Done :D
Sparkles make me happy :D
This is George ^_^ he is my witches cat... who thinks he is a dog :P I love hime^_^

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