Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sweet Dreams are made of this...

This is another health and beauty hint post :)
#3 Beauty tip
Beauty Sleep!
Oh blah blah you may say! I don't need 8 hours sleep! Let alone 6 hours or even 4! I can pull an all nighter and be fresh as a daisy! Well be that as it may, you just might feel fresh as a daisy but you won't look it! Sleep does not just make you feel better, sleep gives the body and your skin time to perk up from the hard days looking gorgeous. 8 hours is optimum for the majority of people, and by that it's the average persons recommended dose of zzz's you may need more or less. The way to tell if you are getting enough is if you are feeling tired when you wake up, you may have had a long snooze and a good lay in, but you still feel tired? You may be over doing the sleep, and you know yourself if you are under doing the sleep if you've had a late night and an early started and feel like a wreck!
If you find it hard to go to sleep you're like myself, I'm a tense person by nature I find if sleep is evasive, planting my headphones on my head a good way to relax, play a nice song that's not bouncy or energetic. If that isn't for you, lay in the dark, lay still as you can and take deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, close your eyes on the second breath and keep them closed and keep breathing, you'll find you just drift off. Scented oil reeds, warm bed time baths, bed time drinks like horlicks or cocoa, watching a film, reading a book or giving yourself a foot massage also are methods to help you sleep. If you try this and nothing works, see your doctorr, you may have insomnia, a condition where sleep is nearly or completely impossible and they can gove you advice from then on to help you sleep.
If you find you sleep too much or find waking up a real chore, then here's some methods we use with my brother who slept through an earthquake! Use more than one alarm clock and don't keep them by the bed where the snooze button is in easy reach! Buy 3 cheap alarms, and put them in hidden areas in the room, set them for 5 minutes after each other, by the time you have found them all and switched them off you should be awake! Ask your parents or roomates for a wake up call if they are up before you, it can be annoying, but if they have woken you up and got you out of bed then it works. Another couple of wake up methods involve leaving your curtains open, our bodies are evolved (or created) to wake up when light hits our eyes, sunlight is especially good at this, so leave the curtains open and you should wake up with the light of the sun filtering through your eyelids. You could also try sleeping with a thinner duvet, or buying a "teasmade" or timed coffee machine to have a great smelling drink ready nearby to wake you with its aroma. If you are still finding it hard to wake up or do not feel as though you are getting any gain from sleep, go to a doctor, it may be that you have some underlying or hidden problem preventing you from becoming refreshed, depression is a main culprit for this, as is stress so go seek help.
So all being well you'll sort your sleep problem out, and as a new student nurse I face shift work and will have to learn how to manage sleep around that, but fear not, I will and will report on how to do that while you, my angels, sleep soundly and wake feeling good, looking good and having good times.
Sweet dreams

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