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Friday, 17 August 2012

Golden Girl

Oh gosh I'm so happy! So to celebrate I am doing something golden sparkly for to make known my happy happy joy :D
Anyway on with the tale I'm all shiney and I attempted to make it all ethereal, but it doesn't show in the photos I'm afraid, ah well, one day, one day I will have a fancy camera that takes more good photos than bad... or are the photos the fault of the photographer? Mull that one over kids!
Here we go, you need a gold eyeshadow and an irridescent gold eyeshadow usch as G4 (plain gold) an G3 (irridescent), and pale gold lipgloss, mine was an MUA on in shade 1.
Ok, get yourself a small powder brush and dip it in the gold eyeshadow and colse your eye, then sweep it over your eye to your hair line, deepen the colour by repeated appliucation of the eyeshadow make sure you get the inside of the eyelid, the dip between your eye and nose and upto the eyebrow. Do this for both eyes. Now grab another small powder bruush and dip it in the other gold and sweep it all over your face, paying especial attention to your nose, your temples and cheeks. Now grab an eye shadow brush and sweep some of the irridescent old around the eyelid.
Now slick on a few coats of gloss to build up a sheen on your lips worthy of a sun goddess :D
Now scrape your hair up in a high bun, spray it with gold glitter and gems, wear a yellow or gold outfit and you are the sun :D Go partay!

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