Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dolly Mix

I know the current season trend is for dark lips, milky skin and silky creamy eyes... but it's still summer!!! I'm saving that jazz for when Autumn kicks in, until then onwards with the candy shades because they are uplifting on rainy days like today.
So, I give to you a pink and purple dolly mix hues, a fairy fixing of glitter, frosted cheeks and some gleeful messings around :)
You're going to need a pale pink blush, black mascara, purple mascara, loose purple glitter, purple glitter liner, deep purple eyeliner, frosted pink eyeshadow, purple eyeshadow, powder foundation and translucent powder.

First things first, from your temple right upto your nose apply the pale pink blush and build it right up until it is opaque , blend at the edges so it fades to the natural skin tone around the cheek. Now apply frosty pink eyeshadow to your lids, and apply the purple shadow in the crease, blend the purple outwards past the eye and down to under the lower lashline. Now dust your face with the powder foundation down the nose, on your chin and across your forehead and blend slightly into the blusher at the edges where they meet, now lightly dyst everywhere with the translucent powder. Now coat your upper lashes with lots of purple mascara, and lightly spereate the lower ones with the black mascara. Now apply some purple glitter eyeliner over the purple mascara and dust some loose purple glitter over your cheeks and line your tearline with the purple eyeliner.
Now go have fun :)

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