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Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Dark side...

OK then, got some gothic goings on going on tonight :D Good for going to themed parties or just being gothy when you feel that way out :P
You're going to need a brow pencil one shade darker than your brows if you are light haired, if you're dark haired use a pencil in your brows colour. Black eyeshadow like Bl1 in the Manly palette (for the code I use check out the old post with it on), black eyeliner like Barry M's #1, a grey eyeliner like Barry M;s #26, purple mascara like Barry M's lengthening mascara in electric purple, a normal black mascara use whichever you prefer I use Maybelline blackest black, silver glitter liner mine is colllection 2000 in hustle 4, black glitter liner mine is collection 2000 in rock chick 7 and last but not least the black lipstick I've used Barry M's #37.
On wards then. Fistly you may or may not want to pale yourself up, the how to is simple, put your foundation on as normal then powder puff talc onto your face to go paler :D
Just fill in your brows with a bit of brow pencil to darken them up and add definition to start off. Now you want to line your eyes, line the upper lash line with a medium line of grey eyeliner from the inner corner to half way into the eyelid, then do the rest with black liner. Now line the lower lash line with black liner from the outer corner to half way in, then use grey eyeliner to finish the line off into the inner corner and finish with a small downward flick angled towards your nose. Smudge the eyeliner on your upper lash line with an angled eyeliner brush. Now grab a stiff eyeshadow brush and pick up a small amount of eyeshadow on the tip and work it into the crease of your eye smudging it outwards to form a shadowy halo around your socket and slightly under the lower lashline; then apply purple mascara to the inner half of your lashes top and bottom and then the outer lashes in black. Now grab the black glitter liner and streak a dab along the outer part of the lower lashline, following the black eyeliner, now grab your siler glitter liner and sweep some on the upper lash line on the inner corner.
Now your lips... Black is tricky because of the nature of the colour, any mistake is going to be easily spotted like when doing red lipstick, so grab the black eyeliner again and with great care line your lips and fill them in with the black eyeliner, then go over it in the black lipstick carefully to avoid slipping and don't smack your lips eiether until you have applied a sealant like lipcote.
And you're done :D
I'm not being a wannabe nerd goth, I do acctually have to wear glasses I'm blind as a bat xD

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