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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Some 50's thing

OK, I'm majorly bored and stuck in cause weathers being weird so here is another post, belated and for you :) Also, prepare yourself, there's about to be some artsy photos, because I got bored with my usual point and shoot pratting around and went greyscale and dramatic. It is about time I put more effort into taking photos me thinks.
So, you'll need to grab yourself a coral lipstick (I used Kate Moss for Rimmels lipstick in #12), black eyeliner (I used a liquid liner, benefits magic ink in black), rosey pink blusher (i used sleeks blush in flamingo), lipcote, a stick concealer, eyebrow pencil in your eyebrows colour (I used my trusty rimmel one in dark brown), w7 camouflage kit and collection 2000 loose powder.

Now then, firstly we gotta eliminate any under eye darkness combine the colours in the camouflage kit to match your skins natural colour and tap that under your eyes lightly and blend with your fingers then set with the loose powder using a small powder brush. Now slick some of the stick concealer onto your cheeks and forehead and blend it into your skin using a foundation brush and when it's blended in and you've got rid of any patches set that with the loose powder using a large fluffy powder brush. Now grab an angled powder brush and pick up a tiny amount of blush sweeping it over your cheek bone, building up colour until your have a rosey flush, blend the bottom egde of your blush downwards to soften its edge. Now fill in your brows with your pencil and line your upper lash line with black liner getting thicker starting thin on the inner corner and gradually getting thicker until you reach the outer corner and leave it blunted, no flick. Apply stick concealer to your lips and blend it, then fill in your upper lip with coral and press your lips together, not rubbing them together, open you mouth and follow the marks left from the upper lip to make a smaller poutier mouth than your natural mouth, sharpen the line by carefully applying the lipstick. Then blot your lipstick, reapply and then coat in lipcote. If you like slick on some mascara, but I didn't.

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