Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Feeling a little blue?

Not to worry! I have a look that will match that mood :D
The other cousin, Katie asked me (after many changings of her mind) to do something blue on my lips, dark and light blue so I did and this is the result:
Her favorite colour of the moment is blue. So here I am blue as can be :P
Anyway, this lipstick (is not actually lipstick) is super easy to do, you just need a dark blue eyeliner, like one by Barry M #6 and a pale blue body crayon, like the ones from claires accsesories body crayon pack in the rainbow colours.
The tutorial is also super quick, you line your lips with the dark blue and fill in the inside gap with light blue. Grab an eyeliner brush and blend gently at the edges. A quick look for a bit extra attention on a night out ;D Seal it with lipcote to make it last.

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