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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Out striped :D

My attaempts at nice photos are failing again ah well, I might enlist some help next time though I don't see anyone being available everyday to photo a look for me :/ cé la vie.
Well anyway this ones a bit of an 80's style (in terms of manic brightness and crazy blush).
Anywho, you'll need; red, orange, pink, purple, green, blue, silver and turquoise eyeliners (all mine are barry M), also yeellow and coral eyeliners (mine are from sleek), stick concealer and pink blush (also sleek)
OK, just apply foundation as you usually would, and then cover your lips in concealer to blot them out, then apply blusher over your temples and down to your cheek bones, building up cover until it's bright and blend. Now line one eye all the way around in pink, then draw lines vertically on the other eye. Space them out and put the colours on as you want them for a bit of a change from the usualy rainbow line up. Tada.... Super quick :D

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