Monday, 13 August 2012

ice ice baby!

Something sparkly for today because I haven't posted in a while, and I have no excuse for it :P
Pale silver and medium sliver eyeshadow (si1 and si2 coded for the mnly palette in a previous blog), silver eyeliner (barry m #11), mascara of your choice, all one length medium thickness black false lashes, silver glitter eyeliner (mine's collection 2000 glitter gel liner in #4 "hustle") and shimmer body puff (i used urban decay cherry lemonade body shimmer).
Now then, firstly line your eyes in silver liner, all the way around top and bottom lash line. Make the top lash lines eyeliner thicker though. Now apply light silver all over the lid upto your brows, then apply the medium silver in the crease and blend it upwards. Take a small powder brush and swirl it in the light silver eyeshadow and dust that all over your face, then dust some medium silver over your cheek bones. Apply your false lashes to your top lashes, then sweep a small amount of glitter liner near your tear duct on the lower lash line on both eyes and bottom lashes. Apply mascara onto your upper lashes to bond your lashes to the false ones. Apply some silver eyeliner to the inner lip and blend outwards, now dust face all over with shimmer powder.
Tada :)
Enjoy being an ice queen my darlings

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