Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sweet like Chocolate :D

This brings me so much joy, it's sweet like chocolate jooooy... ahem.... moving ooonn..
OK this look was requested by my cousin Evie, tomorrow Katies nagged me to do a look for her ;D
Anyway, this look has lots of rich brown in it, and here is what you'll need, a gold eyeshadow (urban decay half baked), dark brown (urban decay twice baked), cream eyeshadow (urban decay midnight cowboy rides again), and light gold eyeshadow (urban decay YDK), light bronzer, pale gold eyeliner (avon gel liner in golden fawn), beige lipstick (collection 2000 cream puff lip cream in angel delight #4) and golden glitter.

Firstly use the cream eyeshadow in the inner corner for a quater of the eyelid, then light gold from the cream for another quater, then the gold for another quater and then finish with brown. After they have been applied, just blend the colours at the seams. Then apply eyeliner all around the eye, top and bottom lash line. Now apply lashings of mascara if you want. Now grab a large brush and apply bronzer lightly on your whole face, then layer a little more on your temples to deepen the tan slightly. Now dab some glitter under the lower lash line and apply lipstick.
Tada :D

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