Thursday, 31 May 2012

This has a certain Aurora about it xD

MWAHAHAHA PUN!Well, yep todays look is based on the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, so we have lots of soft colours of blues and green and purple :)
Hope it does them justice :)
I used plenty of shadows this time again, but really I'm enjoying the layering at the moment, the dimensions given by doing this are just awesome :)
OK, here is your list, I'm afraid to say I used one of my limited edition colours on this so forgive me, Flipside from my Urban Decay Book of Shadows 2 (just use an irridescent turquoise, it works just the same). And from my 120 palette, T10, T7, B2, B5 and Pu6. I also used an eyeliner Barry M's kohl pencils in #13 turquoise.
Ok, start with Flipside or your irridescent turquoise, and use that as a base colour all over your lid, then use T10 ontop of that to enrich the colour, use a regular eyeshadow brush for this, it's better than fingers or sponges which won't work so well as they'll drag more colour off than they put on. Now for the rest of it, use an angled eyeliner brush and start with T7 line a little colour under your lower lash line from the outer corner up to a third in and then  randomly draw lines of colour across your eyelid, no more than 3 lines should do it, then with B2 and B5, draw more random lines on your eyelid, and the same with Pu6 and then from the inner corner line a third of your lower lash line with Pu6, leaving a gap of about a third in between the 2 colours on your lower lash line. Fill that gap with the eyeliner.
Tada :D
shimmer, shiney, stellar :D
enjoy it my starry eyed friends

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