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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Snape... Snape.... Severus Snape

Elongate every s in his name and it sounds wonderful :DAnyway, I was going to do Voldemort only I felt his face is something I would want to fully replicte down to slit nosey glory. But it would cost too much money to do the prosthetics or to buy enough fx-wax to cover the area it would be too expensive to do :(. So we have some snapey goodness :D.
Anyway, I copied the make up he has on set, which is somecross between cranky grease ball and shattered teacher. Gotta sympathise with his character, I won't say why because if you haven't seen the films I would end up spoiling it.
For the look I used: Black eyeshadow (Bl1 from the Manly 120 palette I coded), mascara (maybelline great lash), face powder (collecyion 2000 loose translucent powder), foundation (benefit some kinda gorgeous lite).
(I'm not going mad here haha it's me trying to do a Snape like look with sarcasticly raised eyebrow, but I fail... Oh well)
Ok the how to bit. It is super simple you may have already guessed how to do it... But tell you anyway, I will.

Powder up your face with a large powder brush swirled in a little of the powder tapped into the lid of the powder conatiner then you'll have just the right amount on the brush to apply without looking fluffy due to too much powder. Then tap a tiny amount of black eyeshadow onto an eyeshadow brush and blend it all over your lid and upto your brows, build up the colour to a washed out grey colour then sweep a tiny amount of black under your eye to look like under eye shadows when you are tired. Now just apply a lil bitty mascara and you are done :)

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