Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ever stay, never bleed lipstick :D

It's a real pain in the patootie isn't it, when you're out for whatver eason all dolled up and next thing you know, you're looking in a mirror and your lipstick has bled out almost to your nose or has faded to resemble lipliner more than lipstick...
WELL NEVER FEAR FOR I AM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I am gonna show you how to keep that pouty perfect just applied look all day :D (or at least till you take it off)
Firstly you'll need your self som basic equipment, grab yourself a concealer, preferably a solid one like those shaped as a lipstick I use a W7 cover stick, the one with teatree oil in it, some lipcote, and (this bit's optional) a lip stain in a similar colour to your lipstick.
This I have diagrams for, cause I can :D
OK then Firstly grab your concealer and lliberally line round your lips with it like so:
Then smudge it all into your lips, it acts as a primer and tones out your lip colour to make the one you're applying pop! This also stops the lipstick from bleeding out and gives it good staying power:
Now if you want, or have it, apply your lip stain over the concealer, it acts almost like a colour hold, it just prolongs the colours wear and emphasises your chosen lipstick:
Now apply your lipstick and a liberal coating of lipcote all over your lips and just past the edge of your lips to avoid it wearing off during the festivities :D
Now go forth and party :D

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