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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

That's so Rowena Ravenclaw!

Righty! Good omen this, being able to update again second day in a row... we should count this! Number of days I update without messing up and missing a post! Or is that a load of rubbish?
Anywaaaay... I'll just get on with the post shall I?
 Rowena was a beautiful scottish witch, very smart, very powerful and a co founder of Hogwarts. She's the lady who "lost" her diadem (a thin crown that encircles your head rather than sits on top of your head) in the story way way back, leading onto various shenanigans later in time in the books... yup... anyway...This is what I used to get a Rowena inspired look: shimmering cream eyeshadow (I used Urban Decay "Sellout") a blue eyeliner (I used avons super shock shimmering sapphire gel liner that's in the pot not a pencil), a bronze eyeliner (Barry M's kohl pencil in #29), rose pink lipstick (I used collection 2000's cream puff matte lip cream in cotton candy 1) and any mascara you happen to prefer I have used mine as always Maybellines great lash.

On with the how to:
Line your upper lid with the blue liner, flick the liner out from the outer end of the eyelid and blend it so that it fades at a gradient. then line your lower lash line with a thin line of the bronze eyeliner. Use an eyeshadow brush and just lightly apply a wash of eyeshadow onto your lid and take the colour up to your brow. Then coat your lashes up with your mascara so they are thick and flirty.
Now for your lips, just ose one coat of your lipstick, if it's a glossy lipstick, blot it, if it's a matte one, just leave it at one coat and you're sorted :D
Now I am gonna go on to Luna Lovegood next... Be prepared :D She is one of the characters I most relate to and I intend to go full sparkle with it.
Also, bought myself a whooping great big tool box for my make up, has wheels and everything! It replaces my old box which was busting at the seams lemme show you:
Imagine this with 3 palettes, two tins full of false lashes and 2 packs of baby wipes plus a tub of brushes... it was madness! So I bought this today:
15 liters (or 12 gallons) of portable joy!
It will end up glitter glued into oblivion, the process has already begun as we speak.
Till tomorrow my loves!

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