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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


OK, back on the band wagon after my weird complicated and painful spat with my boyfriend. Won't bore you with that and so on with the look.
We're picking up where we left of with the dawning of the Ravenclaw look *mad scramble for her camera*... Did this one poised in the wingback leather chair my Grandma has in her sitting room while being lectured on the virtues of natural beauty and how girls wear too much make up now by my Grandad (he was from the 60's, the age of inch thick panstick... What cheek!).
Anyhoo, onwards march darlings!
I used a bronze eyeshadow (R2 from the Manly palette I coded for and royal blue eyeshadow (a blend of Pu6 and B7 from the same palette follow the previous link :D), also used a bronze lipstick, mines a w7 one called gold mine (it's not so much gold a a copper colour... but whatever it matched the look :))

Anyway simple pimple this one, firstly from the inner corner of your eye to the half in to the lid, use the bronze shadow and apply it upto the brow not passing that half way mark and line under your lower lash line with the bronze colour. For the rest of the lid including upto the brow like with the bronze use the royal blue, blending the two colours over each other for a rich blue colour and do the same lining below the lash line. Now apply lipstick a sure way to get rich and lasting colour is to apply, the blot with a tissue then apply again. Told you it was simple ;)
Apologies that you can see right up my nose here xD

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