Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Go go Gryffindor!

Welp, this has taken too long to do! Searching for my eyelashes has been a chore :( I have these amazing gold flecked falsies I was determined to use for this look, and during the change over between little box and big box I must have misplaced them. NOT FOR  LONG I found them again ^_^ In the Ruby and Millie Palette :)all is well and the post can go ahead.
So, here's what I used a pair of eyelurs girls aloud lashes, Cheryls (the ones with the gold flecks on them), pale gold eyeshadow (I used G1 from myu coded Manly palette), a golden eyeshadow (mine was G4 from my coded Manly Palette), red eyeliner (I used Barry Ms #25) and a gold lipstick or lip crayon (I used the golden body paint crayon frome the non rinbow pack from claries accessories).
Oki doki then on we go! Firstly you want to line your eyes, start at the outer corner and using the broadside of the pencil line a little way into the lid, then taper the thickness of the line outwards into a flick, and inwards down to the corner of the eye. When you get to the corner of the eye, use the braodside of the pencil again to shade the tear duct area. Then carefully apply false lashes. After that, shade all of the lid up to your brows with the pale gold eyeshadow and then shade in the crease with the more solid gold colour.
After that apply your gold lipstick or whatever it is you're using to create a golden hue upon your pout. :D

There we have it, after all that time searching for my lashes :D Tomorrow satarts the characters and the beginning of the end.

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