Thursday, 19 July 2012

Harry Potter :D

Oki doki :D tonight for your viewing pleasure I bring Harry Potter :D well... sort of :)
I brought Harry inspired make up instead, lightening bolty and sparkly good fun :D
OK, for this look grab yourself some red tinted lipsalve or gloss (I used a lipsmackers lipbalm in strawberry fanta... tastes so goood), highly pigmented black liquid liner (I have benefits magic ink its  very dark and very precise), a shimmering red eyeshadow (Mine is R4 from  my coded manly palette), a gold eyeshdaow (G4 from the manly palette) and gold glitter eyeliner (I have collection 2000 glitter gel liner in funk #3)

Ok how to, fistly draw a thin line of black liner on your upper lid, start in the middle of your lid and move to the outer corner, then complete the line by starting at the inner corner and drawing to meet the line starting in the middle :). then extend the line past the outer corner about a centimeter or the width of your thumb nail, then where that ends draw a slanted line upwards towards your eye and then where that ends draw another shorter horizontal line outwards. Start another line of eyeliner a little way above the original line, begin it around a third of the way into your eye lid and draw a straight line parallel to the one below it, copy your lines for the lower half of the lightening bolt to make a complete bolt :D do this for both eyes.

Now fill in the bolt with gold glitter and grab an eyeshadow brush, apply red into the crease starting at the bolt, above the top line and apply right until you reach the inner corner of your eye, now, below that, in the gap between your red shadow and your lashes, apply gold. Now sweep your lipgloss/ lipbalm whatever onto your lips.

Oki doki, tomorrow could be dumbledore or Hermionie... tweet me which would be cooler :D

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