Monday, 30 July 2012

My Boyfriend made me ill -_-'

OK, so he  has been sick with a tummy bug for a few days, and silly me brushing up on my future nurse skills went to his aid... Oh boy did I fail, I caught the tummy bug too, not as bad but I'm just a mess so I am posting a beauty tip until my face changes back from the charming palid state it is currently in :(
Clean untensils!
What is she talking about? I hear you mutter, but fear not I have not gone mad and I am not about to talk about cutlery or about spatulas or things like that. I am talking about make up utensils, which means your brushes, your sponges, your lash curlers, your blending palettes and your hands, 8 fingers and 2 thumbs.
These are your essential pieces of kit to achieve looks that smack people in the retinas as you walk by, brightening peoples lives with your lovely visage. However, they can turn nasty if you do not take care of them, the gross fact is, our skins surface is always renewing itself... so deadskin and gunk falls off it regularly, no matter how  hard you scrub, it happens and it builds up on your brushes and what not, this needs to be cleaned off at least every fortnight or once a week (I do mine once a week, very theraputic actually). Not cleaning them means, when you rub them in your make up you get the face debris in your make up this then goes back on your face, clogs up your pores and gives you pimples :P
How to clean your brushes... You can get specialist brush cleaner, but it is expensive and baby shampoo works just as well, squidge some into the soap thingy on the side of your sink, onto a tile or palette, then wet the brush under warm running water, swirl the brush in the shampoo to make a foam rinse and repeat the whole thing again with fresh blob of shampoo until the foam stops turning the colour of whatever make up was previously on your brush, give the brush a final and thorough rinse to remove all soap, reshape the brushes bristles and leave to dry on a piece of paper towel somewhere sunny like a windowsill.
In terms of your hands, before you apply make up, give them a wash, make sure you get under your finger nails and everything, do the lot, make it a good all round hand wash and a good thorough dry and you'll have no hidden muck on them to creep into your pores and spoil your lovely face or your precious make up.
It's simple, keeps your face clean, keeps your make up clean and prevents pimply doom :)

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