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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Just Dumbling along.

Yay I'm back from my suprise sleep over with my little cousins... hadn't originally intended to stay there but oh well :P
Tonight as well as my posts intnded look, is the make up I did for my little cousins school disco she looked preeetty :D
Oki doki, here is what we used to get a dumbledorey look, I pickd up on his opulance, he was always seen in richly coloured fabrics and metallic trims. A truely wizrdly wizard :)

Gold eyeliner (Mine was achieved using Avons colourtrend transforming eyeliner to turn the manly palettes G9 into an eyeliner), metallic red eyeshadow (I used R2 in the Manly palette I've coded), gold glitter liner (Mine is collection 2000's funk #3), clear mascara (again, a collection 2000 item) and shimmering body powder (mine is Urban Decays cherry lemonade powder you can lick it! IT TASTES AMAZING! Ahem... tangent).
Ok, firstly, coat your lids in the red, layer up the colour for as much depth as you can, then apply your gold eyeliner thickly on your upper lash line and then, instead of flicing it outwards, swirl it outwards as much as you like I've done 3 swirls. Now dot some gold gliter among the swirls and line under your lashline with gold glitter. Slick your clear mascara on your lashes. Grab your shimmer powder, and if you've got a powder puff if not use a kabuki or large powder brush to apply powder around your eyes.

Simple isn't it :D
Anyway chickas, tomorrow is Hermionie :)
This is my cousin going to her dance, she's stoked to be on the blog xD
TADAAAA am I a lovely cousin or what ;D

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