Sunday, 22 July 2012

Hermionie Granger too school for cool :)

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE It is taking every ounce of my self control not to buy everything there it is just so amazing! Also, my bank balance right now does not stretch to buying a full range of ecological, skin friendly make-ups that I would sell my entire music and CD collection to own... no... too tempting.
Anyway, lets calm ourselves from excited screaming and arm flailing, we have work to do, mainly that of transforming ourselves into little intellectual godesses or gods :)

Here we go:
Fistly you want a sheer coral lip colour like Avons shine attract lipstick in guava which is what I used, soft grey eyeshadow (I used Urban Decay in mushrrom), volumising mascara such as bourjoise volumiser mascara, dark pink blusher (like sleeks blusher in flamingo), highlighter powder (mine came from the Ruby and Millie palette I own) and coral lipgloss (I have Barry M's lipgloss in #9)

Firstly, apply the eyeshadow, apply it only on your eyelid and layer colour to make it really rich and shiney, like molten metal on your eyelid. Then dab a blusher brush onto your blusher, depending on how bright the blusher you use is, if it is not very bright, build up colour sweeping from the front of your cheek, by your nose, to your temple over and over until it looks like you're slightly pink, as if from running around :) If your blusher is very pigmented and therefore super bright, dab a tiny amount on to the front of the cheek by the nose and tap off the rest from your brush, then sweep the brush up and down to your temple and back to create a wash of colour.
Now apply highlighter just above the blusher lightly over the cheeks and more concentrated over the temple. Then apply lipstick, to get a nice glazing of the lipstick, apply the lippy then blot, repeat 3 times to build good colour, then apply a wash of gloss over that and sweep off excess with your little finger. I've left mascara until last because it gets in the way of your eyeshadow application otherwise and is the finishing touch, make sure you have a good fat brush for the mascara and apply two coats to your lids, using a brow comb to seperate lashes after each coat and you'll look like a brainy know-it-all before you know it :)
This has been my last potter post guys! Oh well, on wards to more miscellany now :) have fun, be fierce and colour your face in :D

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