Friday, 13 July 2012

A little Luna-tic

Oki doki, I'm back, I am also ill! I was worse yesterday than I have been today so I am posting... despite being surrounded by tissues.
Well here we have Luna... I sparkled this one up because she is a sparkly so and so!
Anyway here we gooooo:
I used: Light purple body glitter and irridescent body glitter (from a rainbow set of 10 by claires accesories), silver eyeliner (no#11 from Barry M), silver glitter liner (#4 "Hustle" from collection 2000), purple mascara (electric purple from Barry M), sheer pink lipgloss ( beautyuk's lip lust in #6 oh baby)

Righty, simple pinple this, once you've applied your foundation or whatever you are putting on your face over all, apply the purple body glitte under your eye and some irridescent glitter in your eyebrows. Then line your upper lid in silver and line over that in the glitter gel liner. Then line under your lower lashline in the glitter gel. Then go mad with the purple mascara to build up some major colour.

After wards apply the lipgloss in a nice sheen over your lips. This look is super quick and super simple.

You'll have trouble getting the glitter out of your brows by the way if you just use a face wash or wipe, I suggest using the brush end of an eyebrow comb to brush it out, go against the way your eyebrows lie so you get everything out then wash your face.
Tomorrow it is Cho Chang ;)
toodle pip xxxxx

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