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Soon I am endevouring on a big and scary path to potential madness.... I am having my thick curly hair cut short...  or am I...Oh I just don't know :/
Anyway, tonight I'm going to give my beauty rules ago...
Got you didn't I! I bet you were expecting something like "cleanse, tone and moisturise" but what is the point in that if the products you are using are not right for your skin and making your skin suffer rather than making it happy!?
So knowing your skin is essential, it tells you what skin type you have which is generally seperated into these groups:
Oily where your skin is shiney especially on the t-zone (the nose and forehead) and prone to pimples and out breaks.
Dry where your skin is prone to patches of dry skin, especially on the cheeks, your skin may tend to be dull aslo if you do not keep a good routine up leading to dry skin build up.
Normal, where your skin does not suffer from dry patches or excess oil on the skin, tends to be fairly supple and much envied.
Combination where you have that crazy mix of dry skin on the cheeks and oily skin on the t zone (my brother has this type of skin) which makes finding a product that truely works a hassle.
Sensitive skin is prone to any of the above group characteristics and is only classifyable when you use harsh or unsuitable products, sensitive skin goes an angry red colour when products disagree with your skin, it also means you are more prone to pimples because your skin is not happy with your products.

How do I tell which one my skin is though? Take time with your skin, have a day where all you do is use luke warm water to wash it in the morning and DO NOT WEAR MAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take the tips of your fingers at the end of the day or by lunch time if being barefaced is killing you and run it over your t zone, over your cheeks and around your eyes. How does it feel?

If it feels like your sweating/greasy on your forehead or that it has a shine to it while the rest of your face feels pretty ok, then you have oily skin, look for products designed for oily skin, and be gentle! If you aggrevate your skin with products that are harsh then you'll cause your skin to produce more oil leading to a breakout which is not cool! And remember a little oil on your skin is fine, it's what gaves us a shiney healthy glow way back when we lived al fresco in our birthday suits and it keeps our skin moisturised naturally.

If your skin feels slightly rough in places and tight, sore or itchy then you have dry skin, buy products with built in moisturisers and up your water intake. Do not use strong, perfumed, colourful or harsh products on your skin because it will strip your skin of the little oil it has cinging to it use gentle soothing products that are perfume and free of anything artificial that you do not need. NEVER EVER USE SOAP ON YOUR FACE it dries your skin out like the sahara sun! And moisturise liberally, I recommend a rich moisturiser on a night to soak in and have your skin moisturised in the morning and a light long lasting skin qunecher after you have cleaned up your face for the day. Also stay away from hot water, use luke warm water on your skin, hot water strips the skin of the oils it needs too so be gentle with yourself, you're a delicate rose of a skin type, you need TLC!

If your skin feels soft, not rough anywhere, not overly greasy or tight or itchy then congratulations! You have normal skin! Now just to keep it from falling into one of the other catagories :P Stick to products that are designed for normal skin, never be tempted to buy anything other! Also, like with dry skin, stick to luke warm water when washing, your skin obviously has enough of its oil on it to keep it healthy but using hot water will strip that off and leave your dry. Other than that your skin seems to take care of itself pretty fine on its own, just keep it on the right track to supple skin success!

Your skin feels greasy and has some pimples on the t zone, but everywhere else is feeling a bit dry and tight, tchy and rough? Your skin is combination, which is a tricky one, but again, the beauty industry is a clever machine and has churned out many a fine product for you to use in the quest for sexy skin :) As well as having a good mooch down to your chemist or skin care stockists to find the bottles labelled "combination skin" drinking more water, using gentle products designed for you and not scrubbing your skin (it aggrevates it like crazy kay?).

Your skin feels a little too smooth to be normal, looks shiney, feels a little tender to touch? Your skin is sensitive. Now then like everyother skin type, now you know what you have get the right products! Get products like the simple range that are free form any ingredients known to aggrevate skin and make it tender! Avoid the sun! If you are a tan-a-holic I appologise but really, there are bronzers, self tans and spray tans you do not need to expose yourself so willingly to the sun to go bronze. Also, be careful with hair sprays, use a free hand or a shirt to cover your face when spritzing your barnett to oblivion to make it stay where you want it. Also, when taking off your make up, don't use baby wipes, use proper wipes which are for sensitive skin to minimise any risk of aggrevation.

So now you know skin types and the care types of care they need :D
Might make this a once a week thing or just when I cannot get together some material to post :) I dunno, but enjoy.

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