Monday, 16 April 2012

2 for the price of 1

By way of apology for my lack of posts the past 2 days, I am posting up two looks tonight, the yellow and the green looks that I was meant to have done by now. Here ya go...
This is the green look. I of course added glitter to this one, it's an excellent party look, greens in this fresh colour look best for a party or nice evening, if you want it to be a daytime look, just don't use the glitter or delicately pat it onto your eyelashes when your mascara is wet. For the look I used 2true eyeliner in number 4 (metallic green), snazaroo glitter gel in blue, and eyeshadows from the light in the box 120 palette Gr5, Gr10 and Gr13. (You'll find the coded palette in the blog before the last)
The how to bit..
Firstly use the colour Gr5 to create a base on your eyelid, just wash it over your entire lid. then use Gr10 to shade in a third of your lid starting from the outside and blending when you're a third way into your lid. Then use Gr13 to contour your eye, blend the darker green into the crease so it is softened by the base green but still nice and shimmery.
After you've completed your eyeshadow, thinly line your upper and lower lid with the green eyeliner and give it a flick at the end, following the edge of the green shadow. Then layer on your mascara and dab the glitter gel under your lower lashes down to just above your cheekbone, be sparing with the glitter! I used the end of a brush to dab it on so I didn't get too much glitter on my face or you look like a disco ball :D.
Hokey Kokey :D on wards and so forth to our second look of the night...
A very sparkly look this one :) to get this look I used collection 2000 glam crystals gel liner in funk 3, Barry M kohl pencil in number 1, and colours Y3 and Y2 I also used a claire's accesories body crayon in Yellow from the rainbow set.
How toooo:
Firstly wash all over your lid with Y3, it a sheer yellowy colour and then shade the outer third of your lid with Y2 and blend. Then use the body crayon to line your eyes, shapen it to a fine point for this because it is a chunky pencil. Theeen, over the yellow crayon, slick on some gold glittery liner to calm the brightness of the line and add gorgeous glitter to the look. Don't use the glitter on your lower lid though, instead, once you have coated your lashes to your liking with your fave mascara, just lightly layer some of the gold eyeliner onto your mascara as it dries. Then with the khol, line a third of your lower tear line and a third of your upper tear line to define the outer eye.

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