Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Seeing Red

Mhmmm here we go, ladies, gents, micellaneous, my final reverse rainbow colour doo... exciting, after this I'm offski concentrating on new stuff, gonna maybe get my metallic on? Do me more jungle mojo and I have ordered some body gems so more sparkle is on the way :D
The pictures won't be as bright as they ususally are, I miss laid my camera down stairs and had to use my webcam instead with lack lustre results, cé la vie. Anyway, for you to get a look this lusty use: Barry M kohl liner in 25 and colours R3, R5 and P7. I haven't done anything to my lips for this, red is hard to pair a colour with, but if you must must wear something on your lips, simply apply something pale, reeeeally pale, like clear lipgloss, or even better, tinted lipsil in a pinky/red colour.
The how to section:
Firstly cover your eyelid in P7, then use R5 from your outer corner, blending into your eye so half your lid is now a darker red, then use R3 on the inner corner, like eyeliner, and thickly line with an applicator, cotton bud or with a brush then line your upper lid with the eyeliner in a thin line and flick it up at the end, if you can't do flicks well, follow the edge of your eyeshadow, it should make it easier. :)

There is no zoom on my cam, so I did my best :P
Anyway, have fun y'all till tomorrow.

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