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Friday, 13 April 2012

Feeling blue

Not really... just blued up my eyes here :)
Marching onward with the reverse rainbow of looks I'm doing, and we are onto blue. Blue can sometimes be garish (think that crazy lady you sometimes see with shocking blue eyeshadow on and bright pink lips trying to recapture her youth using all the wrong method... she may eve be wearing some lycra in one form or other) so I've gone somewhat subtle to avoid lookng like I was dragged through the 80's backwards by a screaming washed up pop star sporting big bad hair. ;)
It's very pale under the flash, but if I don't put a flash on everything is kinda orange :/ what can ya do eh?
AAAAnyhoo, I'm gonna be posting up that picture where I have coded the colours on my palette so you can acurately recreate looks, so I'll be using the codes on this post, pay attention :)
For this look, I used my 120 colour palette, in blues shades:B1 and B5 I also used Barry M eyeliner number 19.
How to...
Sweep the pale blue eyeshadow (B1) over your lid making sure you get iinto your inner corners. The use B5 (dark blue) like an eyeliner and shade over the top lashes of the outer corner of your eye a third of the way into your lid. Then use the eyeliner to line the top lid lightly and half of your lower lid under the lashes.
Like I say, it's not a complex one this, you don't want to over do blue, it's just not good. It's one of my least favorite colours to use on myself :P
lol I look cross eyed here, I was too busy trying to aoid the flash to look cute ;)
Thar we go.

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