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Thursday, 12 April 2012

P..p...p..purple :)

Heehee... oki doki, here we go again, more colour themed fun for y'all reading this :D
I'm continuing on with the theme "my cousins party make-up experiments" going backwards through the spectrum of colours, now we hit purple, tomorrow blue, the day after green... and then... the world... or maybe yellow, orange and red... maybe.
AAAAAnyhoo, here we go.
It's a tad darker than yesterdays offering, and with the dark eyeliner having been used all around the eye it looked a little vampy too, so kinda sexy :) I used my palette again, and indulged by using some shimmers rather than matte this time, I used the light purple found on the first of the 2 palettes when you open the case, and the darker purple on the second of the 2 palettes I'll upload suitable pictures at some point with a code on so I can more acurately show you what colours I am using, because this description is not helping you really :(. I lined my eyes with Avons supershock gel liner in blackberry. I did nothing to my lips, but if you want to put something on your lips, make it sheer, or colourless because it will look WAAAAY too much if you put colour on your lips, what with the depth of the ourple on your eyes. I recommmend a clear shiny gloss or something with gold or silver shimmer in it :)
How to...
Sweep the pale purple onto your lids, all over your lids smoothly. Then on the outer corner of yur eye smudge on the darker puple and blend till you are satisfied the two colours are infused around the middle of your eyelid. Then delicately line around your eyes in the purple, don't make the line thick or you'll over power the look.
TADA :D I'm still hunting for someone to propose a challenge for me :)
Till tomorrow mon amour.

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