Friday, 27 April 2012

High Ho Silver Lining!

Good song :D
Anyway, got me doing some silvery silverness on my eyes today, and I think I have done a good enough job to be able to release it to you, the internet.
I went all out sparkles today, I got my face gems recently and bought me some eyelash glue to stick them on with because it is just as good as the glue that is "designed" for sticking gems on your face. So I used quite a few more products than ususal and I used a hell of a lot more glitter, I mean like wow amounts of glitter.
Anyway, my Boyfriends away for the weekend so I will actually get some regular posting done for this weekend ^_^ I hardly see him when he is at uni so I make the most of it darn it!
Here's the pile of glitter I used to colour myself in with: Urban Decay eyeshadow in Gunmetal, the coded palettes colours in Si1, Si2 and Bl2, Collection 2000 glam crystals eyeliner in hustle (#4) and rock chick (#7), Barry M kohl liner in 26 and 11, royal eyelash glue and the 300 4mm mixed colour round diamante loosegems from diamante crafts on amazon (as the batch is mixed colours, I seperated out the plain silver gems from the irricescent ones in the pack, be vigilant or you may end up looking silly with some of your gems silver and others a creamy colour stuck on your face!). The eyelash glue by the way will NOT stick them permanently to your face, you can pull them off just like you can when removing false eyelashes.
Trying to show off as much sparkle as I can here :) pretty sweet pose huh? Taking photos is hard when you have such short sight as mine and can't wear your glasses to take photos cause people won't see your makeup... :P
So how to...  Firstly apply Si1 to your eyelid, then use Si2 and apply it to the outer corner and blend it until it has blended half way into your eyelid, then with a slim brush, your little finger or and applictor sponge, lightly apply some Si2 into the crease of your eye. Then using the urban decay gunmetal shadow, shade the crease of the outer corner of your eye all round from your lashes into the crease up to where the silver has blended and is lighter. Now to eyeliner! Grab Barry M's liner in #11 and line your eyes top and bottom lid, over the lashes this time, NOT the tearline :). then use eyeliner #26 and line the upper outer corner of your eye only in the darker areas to keep the depth of colour there. NOw coat your lashes in mascara and while that dries dab a little eyelash glue onto the back of the gem and wait 20 seconds till it is tacky and carefully place it and the other gems in triads (that's groups of 3 for you guys unsure) about half a centimeter under your lower lashes and when that is done your lashes should be ready to be emblazoned with sparkle! Use the silver glitter to coat the lashes in the inner corner of your eye, then use the black glitter for the outer half, layer it up! it's not done till it looks as if you're staring through diamonds! Now the lash glue holding the gems should be dry, layer up some glitter in the centre of them to add even more sparkle and put some silver glitter on the inner corner of your eye too for good measure!

See! So much sparkle!
Ready to party? Oh yes!
Anyway, enjoy yourself blinding the masses with your sparkling radiant glittery goodness my darlings!

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