Monday, 23 April 2012

Something metallic this way comes...

Thought I'd go back to some fancy eyeliner for this look, eyeshadow gets a bit samey after so long doing particular designs. Anyway here it is;
Pretty flash no? I was inspired by the alt fashion stars in a tattoo mag I picked up a while ago, she had some stunning eye make up on which I will attempt to imitate at some point.
Anyway here's what I used: Barry M kohl pencils in 1, 11 and 26 (black, grey and silver)
I think this look is quite rock :) would look great teamed up with some leather leggings and a sparkly black top :)

the how to bit:
you start with the silver, ad the outer corner of your eye, line the upper and lower lash about a third of the way in, then use the grey and line the center third starting from where you ended with the silver, blending the grey and the silver, using both pencils until you are satisfied with the quality of the blend, then with the final colour, black, line the final thrid starting from where the grey stopped and use the black and grey colours till you are happy with where they blend. Then make sure you smother your lashes in plenty of mascara being careful not to get it on your liner, if you do, just go over it in the colour it has smudged. If you like, use some of the black glitter (collection 2000 rock chick) on your lashes to gove some extra oomph :)

tada :D

Happy lash fluttering to you all :D

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