Sunday, 22 April 2012


Look smiley xD
Don't be fooled I have lips lol, I just thought seeing as how I have such dark makeup on my eyes, I should mute my lips, so I used some new stuff I bought specially for you. The blog as Im sure you can tell is still having teething problems in terms of me getting this shiz out on time :P
Anyway, I bring to you bronze!
the close ups are not so hot, but you gotta admit I'm getting more photogenic?
Here's what I used:
Eyes; Barry M kohl liner number 1, shadows R1, R2 and Br7, collection 2000 glitter gel liner in 7 rock chick
Lips; collection 2000 craeam puff moisturising lip cream

How to... On your eyes it's a simple set of 3 washes of colour, first cover your lid in R1, then lightly go over that in R2, then apply Br7 half way into your lid from the outer corner of your eye. Line your upper and lower tearline in the black eyeliner. Then coat your lashes in lashings if mascara till they are nice and thick, wear falsies if you want even more oomph! Then cover your lashes in the glittr liner.
Your lips are also pretty simple, the lip cream goes on matte and looks better than if you use concealer to mute your lips... muuuuch better because the cream doesn't crack like concealer and doesn't leave your lips dry, which is great for smooching. So simply use the applicator or your fingers to cover your lips in the creamy lip cream and pucker up ;)

I'm shortly going to be psoting up some trans (drag) looks up soon, a friend of mine agreed to be a male model for guys who want to see what looks would be like on them and for those who like wearing make up to grab some inspiration, we are after all a varied world so I stand by the fact I'm going to have a varied blog.

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