Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Something simple: Think Pink

Hello :D today I am thinking piiink. You see my little cousin is having a prom type dance at the end of her last year of junior school before she leaves all her little friends as they drift into different high schools. She has asked me to do her make up for it so I have graciously taken time out to do so... I am now experimenting with looks and colours for her outfit. I'm not sure what colour it is yet so I am going to do ALL the colours. In backwards order of the rainbow :)
To work:
Ok... I got my big eyeshadow set today and I used that for my shadows from light in the box (120 set) I used the matte white, matte pastle pink and matte barbie pink (I don't know how to show you on the pallet... I have pictures but once again the flash has muted most of the colours:[ ) Also used Barry M pink eyeliner (number 23) and pinked up my lips with benefits posie tint lip and cheek stain with a coat of Barry M's irridescent pink glossy tube (gt2 pale strawberry shimmer).
For this i washed my lids with the matte pastle pink making sure to get into the edges as it gives some umf to the colours I blend over the top, then I used the matte white in the inner corner of my eye, and the barbie pink on the outer corner, blending into the center of the eye. After that, get the pink eyeliner, and starting from just past the middle of your eye, draw a semi thick line, flicking it out into a short neat point past the end of your outer corner of your eye. Then line your lower tear line in the pink.
Make sure they are NOT CHAPPED or flaky, if they are, grab your tooth brush or a rough towel and just scrub away the dead skin, then apply one coat of the lip tint to your clean dry lips. Blot it with tissue and apply a thin coat of the lip gloss, and blot that, then grab your most trusted lipbalm and layer some of that on, it picks up the irridesense and adds a nice additional sheen.

There's the palette and a very fluffy me :)

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